Crumbl Cookies Flavors For The Week Of June 26, 2023: Wedding Cake Cookie, Galaxy Brownie Cookie, and More!

Crumbl Cookies has six fun flavors available this week, including the Wedding Cake Cookie, Galaxy Brownie Cookie, and even a Fruit Pizza Cookie. We will tell you about these cookies and more in this Crumbl Cookies commentary post!

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie

Here is a classic cookie that starts off almost every good Crumbl Cookies weekly menu. Who doesn’t enjoy a big, soft, warm chocolate chip cookie? They even sell milk or chocolate milk if you are looking for the classic cookies and milk experience!

Wedding Cake Cookie

The Wedding Cake cookie consists of a vanilla bean cookie covered with swirls of both vanilla and raspberry cream cheese frostings and garnished with sweet pearls of white chocolate.

It’s classic wedding cake flavors in a Crumbl cookie! Where else can you get a cookie like this one? Most of our reviewers can’t wait to try this one. One member of our team tried it yesterday and says that it is very sweet but tastes exactly like cake.

Galaxy Brownie Cookie

There’s nothing quite like a Galaxy Brownie, and the same can be said for this cookie counterpart. It’s a delicious, almost cake-like brownie cookie with fudgy glaze and slightly crunchy rainbow candy pieces. It’s both tasty and nostalgic, making it a great choice for any age. We seriously want more Galaxy Brownie Cookies!

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Fruit Pizza Cookie

Fruit pizza is one of those things that you either love or not so much. However, it works wonders as a cookie flavor with a fresh sweetness everyone will love. It looks beautiful and is a great cookie dessert topped with fresh fruit. This is one of our favorite flavors of the week.

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookie

Classic Pink Sugar is a menu staple for a reason.  We have yet to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a soft sugar cookie with pink frosting made with almond extract. It’s a great take on a simple sugar cookie!

You can order this week’s flavors through the Crumbl website, the Crumbl App, or in person. Be sure to get the ones you like before they are gone again!

Which flavors do you want to try this week? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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