Dairy Queen Cheesy Steak Finger Basket Review

Dairy Queen locations in Texas are now offering a spicy, cheesy take on a fan-favorite with the Cheesy Steak Finger Basket! This takes the brand’s famous crispy steak fingers and infuses them with delicious, creamy pepper jack cheese before serving them with fries, Texas Toast, and your choice of ranch or gravy for dipping.

We couldn’t wait to try them and find out if they are cheesy and spicy enough, so on to the review we go!

Dairy Queen Cheesy Steak Finger Basket Review

Check out how crispy and delicious those steak fingers look!

Dairy queen cheesy steak finger basket

The steak fingers are actually really quite cheesy with a pleasant kick of the pepper jack flavor. They are actually so cheesy and crispy that one of our reviewers actually goes so far as to say that they are the perfect blend of steak fingers and cheese sticks, except using pepper jack instead of mozzarella.

They are really tasty and crispy, yet some of us found them to be a bit more greasy than the regular steak fingers. That is the only criticism our crew had for Cheesy Steak Fingers.

Because they come with your choice of sauce or gravy, we got some with gravy and some with ranch. We can’t definitively decide which option is best, even after trying both of them multiple times. Some reviewers preferred their Cheesy Steak Fingers with gravy, while others declared that they go better with ranch. Either way, you honestly can’t go wrong eating these!

We look forward to eating the Dairy Queen Cheesy Steak Finger Basket again very soon.

Summary And Rating

The Dairy Queen Cheesy Steak Finger Basket hit the spot for us, and those Cheesy Steak fingers have a fair amount of cheese and are definitely crispy.


  • Cheesy
  • Crispy
  • Great flavor with a hint of spice


  • A little greasy compared to regular steak fingers
  • Limited time menu item

Rating: 9/10

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