H-E-B Select Ingredients Creamy Creations Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream Review

For some people, H-E-B might be just that grocery store from Texas, but many of us here at Food Ranker love H-E-B and the limited edition ice cream flavors they offer that you can’t get anywhere else, like strawberry lemonade.

Would H-E-B’s Strawberry Lemonade ice cream really combine two summer favorites into one delicious ice cream?

We set out to answer that question and find out more about strawberry lemonade ice cream in this sweet review!

H-E-B Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream Review

H-E-B describes this ice cream flavor as:

“Creamy lemonade ice cream with swirls of strawberry jam and zesty lemon cookie”

Here is what that looks like.

There is a surprising depth of flavor and textures in this strawberry lemonade ice cream. The lemonade flavored ice cream has a mild and sweet lemony taste and complements the sweet swirls of strawberry jam and the tart crunchy cookies well.

The unanimous favorite ingredient is the lemon cookies. They add a burst of bright tartness and some crunch that keeps this from being overly sweet and soft. Lynne even wished for a few more lemon cookies!

This ice cream was creamy, rich, tart, fruity and sweet, which is everything we thought of when combining the idea of ice cream with classic strawberry lemonade. H-E-B nailed the strawberry lemonade flavor!

The only suggestion that we have is that this might be even better with the addition of actual chunks of strawberry, but it is still a nice summer treat just the way it is.

Summary and Rating

H-E-B Select Ingredients Creamy Creations Strawberry Lemonade ice cream combines two flavors in a way that most ice cream brands have never done, and it works. Most of our Food Rankers team gave it a high rating, even though it doesn’t necessarily outrank the classics just yet.


  • Creamy
  • Tastes similar to strawberry lemonade
  • Great balance and texture


  • Might be too unique and bold for those who prefer more typical ice cream flavors

If you live close enough to an H-E-B, you should try this one at least once, especially if you love lemons.

Rating: 7.75/10 (Very Good)

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