Lucky Leaf Dessert-On-The-Go Peach Creme (Review)

We are not exactly sure when these came out, so there is a chance they may not be that new, but we had never seen them prior to a quick grocery run last week. Lucky Leaf Dessert-on-the-go is conveniently portable, comes in 4 flavors, and contains real fruit, so we had to try it. If you have seen/tried these before, please let us know in the comments.

More About Dessert-On-The-Go Cups

Dessert-On-The-Go features a shelf-stable dessert in cups like those typically used for single-serve applesauce or jello cups, and they come in packs of four. The description on Lucky Leaf’s website states this product is “a deliciously creamy, fruit-filled dessert that you will love and all in a ready-to-enjoy cup!”

“The flavors available are:

  • Blueberry Creme
  • Cherry Creme
  • Peach Creme
  • Strawberry Creme

We only bought the peach flavor, but we did see the cherry one as well.

Now to the good part

Dessert-On-The-Go Peach Creme: The Opinions Are In

We really liked the convenience of these, although the color was a bit bright for some of us.

As far as the taste goes, our food rankers opinions varied.

Some thought that the flavored pudding-like dessert with chunks of real peaches was “simply okay” and “like a standard pudding cup and fruit cup put together”. They still rated it around average, yet were a little disappointed that it wasn’t as yummy as they expected.

Others voiced a much higher opinion of Lucky Leaf Dessert-On-The-Go Peach Creme Dessert. With what seemed like a mixture of vanilla and natural peach flavoring in the pudding plus the actual peaches, it was very peach-foward in a good way for fans of all things peach.

Lynne especially loved this dessert and is adamant that it deserves a 9 out 10. The overall rating at the end of this post is an average of the individual ratings from our rankers, but it is worth noting that this one had at least one major fan and sparked a bit of a debate within our group.


From “This is SO good!” to “meh, it’s okay”, the individual opinions contrasted so much that we started to wonder if we really ate the same dessert. The consensus that we finally reached is fans of very peachy things or pudding and fruit cups should definitely buy these. If you don’t fit that description, this still may be worth checking out with the knowledge that it is basically a slightly elevated pudding cup.

Overall Rating: 6.4 (Good)

Do you agree with our rating for Lucky Leaf Dessert-On-The-Go Peach Creme dessert? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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