New Girl Scout Cookie Flavors 2023: Raspberry Rally and Toast-Yay! (Review)

Do you love Girl Scout Cookies? Great news! There are two new Girl Scout cookie flavors available this year, Raspberry Rally and Toast-Yay! At Food Rankers, we could not wait to taste them. Read on to discover what we think of them.

Review of Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies

Raspberry is often a winning flavor here at Food Rankers. We couldn’t wait to try these, just based on the name. Keep reading to discover how much of a ‘rally’ we had with our raspberry.

raspberry rally girl scout cookie

Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookies are thin and crispy. The cookie is infused with raspberry and coated in rich chocolate. As you can see, these crunchy, chocolate-coated cookies are similar to the classic Thin Mints.

We initially enjoyed the taste, because raspberry and chocolate are a delicious flavor combination. The chocolate coating is nice and smooth, but most of our reviewers say that it overpowers the delicate raspberry flavor of the cookie. Everyone agreed Raspberry Rally cookies need a bit more raspberry to avoid being “a chocolate-coated cookie with a mild raspberry aftertaste.”

One member of our team suggested that this cookie could be improved by adding a natural raspberry element. This would enhance the fruity taste more than using artificial flavoring.

While we believe that this will be a popular flavor, we prefer other Girl Scout cookie varieties over the new Raspberry Rally. One member of our panel stated that they would try these again next year to see if they have improved. If not, they might taste better with a little raspberry jam!

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Review of Toast-Yay! Girl Scout Cookie

We were both intrigued and excited by the name Toast-Yay! On the face of it, the name sounds like a slice of toast being celebrated. We obviously hoped that it would prove more exciting than that, so we approached this taste test with open minds.

The new Toast-Yay variety consists of toast-shaped cookies dipped in icing. You can see both sides in this photo:

Toast-Yay! French toast girl scout cookies

Texturally, they are more crumbly than Raspberry Rally, reminding us somewhat of Trefoils (shortbread) or Lemonades. While this may not sound very exciting, the icing that is so casually mentioned on the packaging is a game-changer.

The star of this new cookie flavor is the delicious icing. It turns an otherwise ordinary cookie into a french toast girl scout cookie. With a strong pancake syrup flavor and hints of a subtle buttery element, the icing perfectly complements the cookie’s shape and name.

Most of our Food Rankers crew were very impressed with the Toast-Yay! cookies. They are “unexpectedly delicious” with their sweet buttery maple flavor combination. However, one person felt that these were “too sweet” and didn’t really care for the unexpected flavor twist in the icing.

Almost everyone on our team is looking forward to buying more of this French toast Girl Scout cookie flavor. If you like a little extra sweetness and would love for your Girl Scout cookies to taste like French toast, you should definitely grab a box of Toast-Yay! cookies while you can.

Also, the website says this flavor is 100% vegan!

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The Raspberry Rally flavor was a winner in the combination of raspberry and chocolate. It’s a nice cookie that we think could be improved using real raspberry, instead of artificial flavoring.


  • Nice flavor combination of raspberry and chocolate
  • Good crunch


  • Raspberry flavor can get a bit lost
  • Chocolate flavor dominated
  • Could be improved with actual raspberry

The majority of our team thinks that Toast-Yay! Girl Scout Cookie is a wonderful cookie interpretation of french toast. It has the right flavor balance and good texture. This may be too sweet for some palettes.


  • Vegan friendly
  • Delicious maple syrup and butter flavor
  • Shortbread-like texture


  • Perhaps too sweet

These two new varieties of Girl Scout Cookies are on sale now for a limited time. We paid $5 per box, but prices may vary. You can check the Girl Scouts Website for information on where you can purchase cookies this year!

We hope that this review was helpful to you. Have you tried these new Girl Scout Cookies? We would to love to hear what you think! Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I agree the chocolate overpowered the enjoyable taste of the raspberry cookie. They weren’t decadent as I thought they would be.


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