New Taco Bell Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze Is Amazing!

The Taco Bell Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze is one of two new frozen slush drink flavors to hit the menu. As soon as we saw it, we had to get it alongside some of the latest Nacho Fries items released this week.

Blue Raspberry and lemonade is just too tempting, especially with those pretty blue and yellow swirls.

Did it meet our expectations? You are about to find out!

Our Experience With The Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze

It did somewhat resemble the promo picture when we first got it, but it melts within a few minutes in the summer heat.

By the time we pulled away and reached somewhere safe to snap a picture. It had melted into semi-slushy green liquid with a piece of solid blue ice. It does turn into a nice shade of green though.

The green, melty concoction is still well worth it, because this freeze is delicious and refreshing. The Taco Bell Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze delivers on both the blue raspberry and lemon.

It is both tart and very sweet, so if you are a fan of lemonade and sweet slushies, you will really enjoy this one!

All of our rankers rated this highly and decided that it was a refreshing freeze for a mid-summer day if you like it sweet.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Very Good)

We recommed checking this or the new Strawberry Lemonade Freeze out if you are a fan of lemon and very strongly flavored slushy treats,

Have you tried the Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze yet? Let us know in the comments!

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