Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger Review

It’s a grilled cheese. No, it’s a burger. Actually, it’s both! If that sounds interesting, you will want to read this Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger review. Sonic’s new burger promises to give you that gooey, grilled cheese experience with a burger and condiments in the middle.

Does it taste as good as it sounds? We tried this grilled cheese and burger concoction a few days ago, and have all the details!

Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger Review

The Grilled Cheese Burger starts with Sonic’s Texas toast and American cheese that are used in their grilled cheese sandwich. A seasoned burger patty is thrown into the mix, along with ketchup, mustard and diced onions. It sounds like a great combination that you can get as a single- or double-meat burger.

So, what does that look like when it all comes together?

Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger Review

The Texas toast is good and makes this burger feel like a patty melt with extra cheese, lots of melty American cheese. The ketchup, mustard, and onion combination adds a familiar, fast food burger taste that serves as a reminder that this is actually a burger, rather than an upgraded grilled cheese sandwich.

There is enough cheese to give off grilled cheese vibes though, especially if you opt for a single patty instead of a double. The reviews and rating from our food rankers were generally positive. We unanimously agreed that the grilled cheese aspects of Texas toast and extra cheese added a lot to the typical burger ingredients.

How do we think it could be improved? The Grilled Cheese Burger would be better with more consistency and balance of flavors.

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All of our burgers seemed to have widely varying amounts of mustard and ketchup. One was oozing condiments, another had a little too much mustard and ketchup on one half and was nearly dry on the other half, and the rest had a more balanced condiment approach. Also, the double-meat version could use a bit more cheese as it seemed like just a slightly cheesier version of their double cheeseburger. We will still try them again in the future!

Summary and Rating

Overall, this is an innovative hybrid of a grilled cheese and burger that tastes great, so it received good ratings from our team. We also paired it with the new wine-inspired Uncorked Slushes for an extra treat.


  • Unique and innovative
  • Like an extra cheesy patty melt
  • Filling


  • Condiment to burger ratio is not consistent
  • Double version needs another slice of cheese

The single Grilled Cheese Burger is available now for $2.49, while the double is $3.49. For a limited time, you can score one at half the regular menu price online and through the Sonic App.

If you are the type that would like an extra cheesy burger or a patty and condiments in your grilled cheese, this is the burger for you! It’s worth trying at least once 🙂

Rating: 8.75/10 (Very Good)

What do you think of this new grilled cheese burger hybrid? Do you agree with our Sonic Grilled Cheese Burger review? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. 9/9/21 Sonic at 6th Ave and Orchard Tacoma WA. The single patty grilled cheese on Texas Toast was good. However, the sandwich was heated on the grill but there was no golden grilled look to it at all. It was a cheese sandwich with patty and heated, not grilled long enough to have even the slightest color to the bread.


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