Sonic Uncorked Slush Review: Wine-Inspired Fun?

If you love alcohol-inspired slush drinks, like the previous limited-time Mocktail Slush offerings, you will want to read more about new wine-inspired slushes in this Sonic Uncorked Slush review!

There are 3 Uncorked Slush flavors, and they are all refreshing and sweet. We have tried all three and are here to share all the details and opinions, starting with the Strawberry Frosé Slush

Strawberry Frosé Sonic Uncorked Slush Review

The Strawberry Frosé Slush consists of Sonic’s slush mix, real strawberry chunks, and Frosé slush flavor that is designed to taste like strawberries mixed with rosé wine.

Sonic Uncorked Slush Review Strawberry Frosé

While this is refeshingly cool, sweet, and strawberry flavored, our reviewers barely detected the occasional hint of wine flavor. These are alcohol-free slushes, so we don’t expect them to taste exactly like their respective wines. However, all the advertisements and promotional materials claim that these will bring the flavor of wine in an alcohol-free slush, so we were a little disappointed to barely get any rosé wine flavor in this one.

Even though it struggled with the wine flavor concept, the Strawberry Frosé Slush is a nice, refreshing treat. It’s sweet witha lots of strawberry flavor, and the small pieces of fresh strawberries are a nice touch that brings a bit of sweet freshness to this slush variety. It tastes good, despite barely having any rosé flavor. It’s like a slightly upgraded version of a strawberry fruit slush.

You could always add some wine if you want. We might try that 🙂

Rating: 8.5/10

Red Berry Sangria Uncorked Slush Review

The Red Berry Sangria Slush is slush mix, real strawberries, and Red Berry Sangria slush flavor that is meant to add notes of sangria wine flavor. This one is the most successful and received the highest marks in this Sonic Uncorked Slush review, because it brings the flavor that you would expect based on the name.

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Sonic Uncorked Slush Review Red Berry Sangria

Look at all that red berry deliciousness.

The notes of red berry sangria are definitely present, and it really does taste like a strawberry slush spiked with a little sangria. We aren’t sure how they managed that without adding actual sangria, so shout out to the Sonic flavor developers for pulling that off!

The strawberry chunks also work well in this one, providing texture, sweetness, and freshness to this sangria slush. We will definitely order this one again!

Rating: 9.25/10

Peach Bellini Uncorked Slush Review

The Peach Bellini Slush contains slush mix and Peach Bellini slush flavoring that is supposed to taste like sweet peaches with notes of white wine. We had the high hopes for this one as the only non-berry Uncorked Slush and a summery peach flavor.

Sonic Uncorked Slush Review Peach Bellini Slush

This one runs into the same problems as the Strawberry Frosé Slush. It is refreshing and lightly peachy, but we didn’t taste any white wine flavor. That proved to be a bigger disappointment in this variety, because there isn’t any fresh fruit to slush to provide additional flavor to what is otherwise just a mildly peach flavored slush.

This one isn’t bad and would make a good mixer, but it didn’t live up to its name or our reviewers expectations. It has the potential to be a favorite if the white wine notes or some peach puree was included.

Rating: 6.5/10

Summary and Overall Rating

The new Sonic Uncorked Slush flavors are an interesting, wine-inspired take on standard slush varieties. However, the wine flavors are barely present in all but one of them. That being said, they are still decent. You can always add your own wine if you want more wine flavor.

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  • Interesting, refreshing flavors
  • The Red Berry Sangria Slush brings nice sangria flavor.
  • Would make great mixers


  • Little, if any, wine flavor in the Strawberry Frosé and Peach Bellini varieties
  • Very light Peach Bellini flavor, would be better with peach puree or peach chunks added in

Overall Rating: 8.1/10

These are worth trying at least once, especially the Red Berry Sangria flavor if you like sangria. That one was by far our favorite! Be sure to get to Sonic soon if you want to get one of these, as they are only here for a limited time.

Do you agree with our Sonic Uncorked Slush review? Which is your favorite wine-inspired slush flavor? Let us know in the comments!

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