Taco Bell Yellowbird Nacho Fries (Review)

At Food Rankers we had been excited at the thought of maybe getting our throats burnt off. Yes, we had decided to taste Taco Bell Yellowbird Nacho Fries. Media reports suggested that the Yellowbird Sauce is hot, but we believed that we were prepared for it. We want to tell you what we think of them.

Taco Bell Yellowbird Nacho Fries Review

The Yellowbird Nacho Fries are made with thin crispy potato slices, coated in a nacho cheese sauce.  This is combined with steak, and then topped with Yellowbird Sauce.

Taco Bell Yellowbird Nacho Fries

Texturally the steak was nice, and had decent flavor. There was also a nice cheesiness. Having nacho fries in there provided a good crunch, giving a texture balance. The whole thing went well together in some ways, and one of our crew compared it to loaded fries, except with a really hot sauce. This really may be a spice-lovers dream, because of the overwhelming hot spicy flavor of the Yellowbird Sauce. The sauce also had some good flavor to it.

There seemed to be too much of the Yellowbird Sauce in our servings. For the majority of our team, the spice was too much. None of us were able to finish the meal, which we thought was a shame. One reviewer commented that she had finished her drink long before she was close to finishing the food, because the heat was too much to handle. The spice also overpowered some of the other ingredients on some bites. Another problem we felt that the sauce caused was that it was a little messy to eat.

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The Taco Bell Yellowbird Nacho Fries is only available for a very limited time. Ours was priced at $4.99, but the price may vary in other locations. Taco Bell Nacho Fries will continue to be available for a longer period without the Yellowbird Sauce.

Summary and Rating

We can definitely see the appeal of the Taco Bell Yellowbird Nacho Fries for spice-lovers. Our team admits defeat on this one though, and have to declare that it was too hot for us to handle. One of our panel felt that $4.99 was a bit much to pay for what we got.


  • Good for spice-lovers
  • Nice balance of flavors and textures


  • Too hot and spicy for some
  • Excessive serving of sauce
  • Messy to eat
  • A little costly at $4.99

Rating: 7/10

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our review of Taco Bell Yellowbird Nacho Fries, and have found it helpful. If you have tasted these yourself, please leave us a comment below, and tell us what you  think of them, and the spice level.

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