From Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew To Starbucks Fall Menu 2021, Check Out What’s New In Food This Week!

Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew

We have more fall-themed items this week, along with interesting takes on pizza, slushes, baked apple desserts, breakfast burritos, chicken sandwiches, Flamin’ Hot Mountain Dew, and more. As usual, there is a short video summary for those that just want to know what’s new in a minute or two. If you would like to know … Read more

Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble Review

Philadelphia cheesecake crumble review strawberry flavor

Do you ever have a craving for cheesecake but don’t feel like making any? Then, you need to read this Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble Review! They have all the deliciousness of cheesecake in a snack size container that’s ready to eat straight from the fridge. These crumbles come in four varieties: original, strawberry, cherry, and chocolate … Read more

Waf FULLS Review

Waf FULLS review picture

Waf FULLS, stylized as Waf*FULLS!, have finally made it to the U.S.! They have been successful in the U.K. for a few years now, so it’s about time we got a chance to try them! So, what are Waf FULLS? Keep reading to find out what these are and what ranking our crew gave them! … Read more

New and Interesting: From Monster Mash Cereal To The Cracker Barrel Fall Menu 2021, See What’s New In Food This Week!

Cracker Barrel Fall Menu 2021

There are 12 new items this week, including a variety of Fall and Halloween-themed snacks! You can watch the short summary video right here or read about them in more detail below, It’s up to you! Here are our new and interesting food finds, in no particular order. Skittles Shriekers Skittles Shriekers come with a … Read more

All 6 Cheez-it Snap’d Flavors Ranked

cheez-it snap'd flavors

Cheez-it Snap’d are a thinner, crispier, and cheesier version of Cheez-it crackers. These snacks currently come in six flavors, so we wanted to know which flavor is the best. Our Food Rankers team tasted and ranked all six Cheez-it Snap’d flavors, and here are the results, starting with number 6! 6. Cheez-It Snap’d Smoked Bacon … Read more

New And Interesting: 15 New Food Items, M&M Minis Cookie Dough Brownies And More

Cap'n Crunch Halloween Crunch

M&M Minis Cookie Dough Brownies, Cap’n Crunch Halloween Crunch cereal, Frank’s Red Hot Goldfish crackers, and Krispy Kreme S’mores donuts are just a few of the 15 new and interesting items that we found this week. We are here to tell you all about them. Let’s get right to it! Here they are, in no … Read more