What Is The New Coke Dreamworld Flavor? Dreamworld Coke Review

Coca-Cola has a new flavor, Dreamworld. We are here to tell you what Dreamworld Coke is and our panelists’ opinions on this new soda flavor.

It is the latest flavor in Coca-Cola’s Creations line, which has included other mysterious flavors (i.e. “Space Coke“) The label says it is dream flavored coke, which doesn’t hint at the actual flavor. The Coke website describes the flavor as, ” [it] explores the realms of the surreal, the imaginary, and the otherworldly.” So, what do dreams taste like? Keep reading to find out.


Review of Dreamworld Coke

The first thing that our team noticed about Dreamworld Coke was the packaging design. It is primarily sky blue and whimsical. One of our crew members feels that it “belongs in a 1970s tribute museum”

We were all curious to discover what dreams might taste like. As we tentatively took our first sips, we experienced a variety of sweet and fruity flavors from Dreamworld Coca-Cola. The flavor commentary afterward included the drink having citrus notes, tasting like Mango Coke, and “Coke with fruit candy dissolved in it”. One reviewer said it tasted “as though Coke Classic and Skittles had a love child.”

A member of our team also tried Dreamworld Coke Zero, and described it as having the same overall fruity flavor, but with a slight diet soda aftertaste.

The dream flavored Coke certainly was not what we expected from the label. Our Food Rankers team had mixed feelings about this, much like when we reviewed Coke Starlight. Some found it weird and did not like it. Others thought that it was good, but that the flavor could be improved by just getting Classic Coke, and adding real fruit or fruit juice to it.

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One of our tasters described it as “a confusing nightmare more than a dream”. A mystery is one thing, but naming Coca-Cola flavors after inanimate objects still does not sit well with everyone on our panel. After all, who was given the power to decide that dreams taste like fruity cola?

Summary and Rating

Dreamworld Coke proved to be a rather polarizing flavor. Perhaps that is why it is called Dream Coke, because people experience different things from it, just like in dreams. Dreams can also be unpleasant at times, so Dreamworld Coke may not suit everyone’s palette.


  • Fruity flavor
  • Similar to fruity candy


  • The packaging looks dated
  • Not to everyone’s taste
  • Dreamworld Coke Zero has a slight diet coke aftertaste

Rating 5.2/10

We would love to read your opinions on Dreamworld Coke. Were they similar to our opinions, or entirely different? Please leave a comment below.





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  1. Dream flavored Coke begins with a nutty overtone like praline that sits high on the pallet and finished heavy like an almond butter or something similar. No fruity or mystery tastes.


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