Best Cirkul Flavors: All 43 Flavors Of Cirkul Sips Ranked

Not sure which flavors of Cirkul Sips to try?

We have tried all 43 flavors of Cirkul Sips and are here to tell you which ones we think are the best Cirkul flavors, along with what we like or don’t like about each one. For those that don’t know much about Cirkul, we have a little information first and a discount for you!. If you prefer to get right the worst and best Cirkul flavors, you can scroll down to the Cirkul flavors list and rankings or check out the video at the bottom.

What is Cirkul?

Cirkul is a fun, new way to flavor and enjoy your water! Their flavor cartridges, or Sips, allow you to dial the amount of flavor you want with every sip of water.

If you are in a plain water mood, you can set it to the x setting and take a drink. Then, when you decide you want more flavor, it’s as simple as changing the setting to suit your tastes from 1 to 10. 1 adds just a tiny hint of flavor and it gradually steps up to 10, which is almost straight flavoring.

They have 6 different lines of Sips to suit the individual needs and tastes of their consumers.

  • LifeSips – For those who want added B-vitamins for health and energy
  • FitSips – Contain electrolytes for extra hydration
  • GoSips – Add a kick of caffeine to your flavored water
  • TeaSips – Tea infused with fruit flavors
  • PureSips – Contain natural fruit extracts and no sweeteners
  • BrewSips – Iced coffee flavor cartridges

There is no mixing or mess, and you can change the flavor intensity with each sip! Each cartridge will flavor about six 22-ounce bottles (132 fluid ounces).

Cirkul Sips work with Cirkul’s lids and bottles, but you can also use the lids and Sips with most standard wide-mouth water bottles, such as Hydroflask, Bubba, some types of Simple Modern bottles, and more. As long as the Cirkul lid will screw on to the bottle, you can use it.

You can buy the Sips, lids, and bottles direct from them as individual products or as part of a bundle or subscription for more savings. Cirkul also has additional products that you can purchase, such as bottle sleeves, water filters, and custom designed bottles.

Plus, if you use this link you will get $5 off your first subscription order!

What are the best Cirkul flavors? That will largely depend on your individual tastes, but the following list ranking every flavor from the worst to the best should give you some ideas 🙂

Cirkul Flavor List: The Worst And The Best Cirkul Flavors

We will start with the flavor that received the lowest combined ratings from our team, PureSip Pear.

43. PureSip Pear (Unsweetened)

PureSip Pear


One of our rankers really loves pear-flavored things and wanted to like this one. The problem is that this one doesn’t taste like pear or even fruit. Some label it as a strong chemical taste, while others say that the taste is like a heavy floral perfume.

Either way, no one in our group liked it, and it received unanimously poor ratings.

42. LifeSip Lemonade

Cirkul LifeSip Lemonade

Here is yet another flavor that we expected to enjoy yet found overwhelmingly disappointing. The lemon in this is extremely strong and artificial. The sucralose doesn’t help much, unfortunately. Taste-wise, this one reminded one reviewer of “the smell of lemon air freshener with a weird sweetener aftertaste.”

One person said it wasn’t that bad and they could take it or leave it. With that, LifeSip Lemonade barely avoided the bottom spot on our list.

41. PureSip Lemon (Unsweetened)

Cirkul PureSip Lemon

Next up is PureSip Lemon. It seems like all the flavors that feature lemon have the same artificial lemon taste. Because the flavor is much lighter here than in the lemonade, it almost worked for some of us.

At a light setting of 1-3 on the flavor dial, it reminded us a bit of lemon water. “With the availability of lemons, lemon juice, and crystallized lemon, I’m not sure why someone would want water that tastes like artificial lemon though,” said one member of our crew, summing up everyone else’s thoughts.

40. BrewSip Classic Iced Coffee

Cirkul BrewSip Classic Iced Coffee

What could go wrong with iced coffee flavored water? Our coffee enthusiasts were a little disappointed in what amounts to watered down coffee. It’s not awful, but there’s nothing special about it.

**Note: You will often see suggestions online to try drinking the BrewSip flavors with milk. While they do taste better that way, Cirkul no longer supports this advice due to isolated cases of illness resulting from milk residue in the Sip going bad and growing bacteria. The bottle of milk and BrewSip must be kept refrigerated if you choose to try BrewSips and milk.

39. PureSip Apple (Unsweetened)

Cirkul PureSip Apple

PureSip Apple smells faintly of apples and there are hints of the fruit in the taste. Without sweeteners, it doesn’t have a true apple taste though. After a few sips, we found that it started to not taste that good anymore.

If you like light fruit essences without any sweetness, it may be worth trying this one. Otherwise, there are better flavors to try out, according to our food rankers.

38. GoSip Citrus Twist

Cirkul GoSip Citrus Twist

Citrus Twist is a mix of that same odd lemon flavor and hints of lime and orange. The lime and orange are both nice, but they don’t pair well together. Then, you have the strange, artificial lemon on top of everything.

Most of us didn’t like this one. However, one person did, so it’s possible that you might like it as well.

37. BrewSip Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee (Seasonal)

Cirkul BrewSip Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee is a seasonal flavor that has been available during the fall and winter seasons in past years. It is their Iced coffee flavor with warm pumpkin pie spices, such us cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.

This one tastes like a watered down Pumpkin Spice Latte at low to medium settings, and gets a lot of that spicy cinnamon flavor at settings above 7. If you are a fan of pumpkin spice flavors and want to try that in your water, check this one out next time it is available

36. PureSip Peach (Unsweetened)

Cirkul PureSip Peach

PureSip Peach adds a hint of peach essence to your water that led to a bit of a debate, Half liked it, while the other half said that it tastes “really floral and nothing like peaches.”

If you prefer stronger or sweeter flavors, this one may not be for you as it is unsweetened. It’s not a bad flavor though.

35. BrewSip Vanilla Iced Coffee

Cirkul Vanilla Iced Coffee

The Vanilla Iced Coffee BrewSip is rather vanilla forward, so it is great for those that enjoy vanilla flavor with coffee notes. Those that enjoyed this one found that they had to turn the flavor up a couple numbers higher than their usual setting.

34. BrewSip Hazelnut Iced Coffee (Seasonal)

Cirkul BrewSip Hazelnut Iced Coffee

For fans of hazelnut and coffee, this may be the flavor for you. This is also a seasonal flavor that is usually released for the fall and winter seasons, and you can definitely taste notes of hazelnut and coffee. Some of us find it pleasant, while others say it’s bitter.

If you like the other BrewSips, this one is worth a try next time it is released.

33. LifeSip Raspberry Lemonade

Cirkul LifeSip Raspberry Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade continues the oddly artificial lemon trend, but it has refreshingly tart raspberry notes that make it better than the regular Lemonade LifeSip.

There are some nicer options, but the Raspberry Lemonade LifeSip is one that you should check out if you enjoy something more tart than sweet.

32. PureSip Cucumber (Unsweetened)

Cirkul PureSip Cucumber (Unsweetened)

The Cucumber Sip is a lot stronger than we expected. This proves to be a very controversial flavor among our group members. The opinions range from “strong and very refreshing” to “Yuck, it tastes like fish!,” so this seems to be one that you either really like or really don’t.

There isn’t any sweetness here, just cucumber. You can decide if that works for you!

31. LifeSip Strawberry Kiwi

cirkul LifeSip Strawberry Kiwi

LifeSip Strawberry Kiwi is a very light flavor, and when you turn up the dial it just gets sweeter and not more flavorful. It is a decent flavor, especially for those that prefer to add a hint of flavor and sweetness to their water.

30. PureSip Pineapple (Unsweetened)

Cirkul PureSip Pineapple (Unsweetened)

This one starts off with a refreshing hint of pineapple flavor, but starts to taste a bit weird and bitter for some people by mid-way through the first bottle. A few of our rankers said they would consider ordering it again, Others weren’t sure how to feel about it.

Keep in mind that this one is unsweetened, so it’s like biting into a slice of pineapple without the natural sugars – think unripe pineapple flavor. It is decent, although we would love it if Cirkul would add a sweetened pineapple flavor without coconut!

29. FitSip Lemon Lime 

Cirkul FitSip Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime has a pleasant taste overall that leans a little more to the lime side, which serves it well when you consider the track record of lemon flavors with our crew. It is a fairly light flavor that is not likely to win any mega fans but would be nice have in your rotation of flavors.

It is also sweetened with stevia instead of sucralose, making it a nice option for people with sensitivities to sucralose 🙂

28. LifeSip Coconut Pineapple

Cirkul LifeSip Coconut Pineapple

Our most devoted fan of the combination of coconut and pineapple found this one to be a bit of a letdown, stating that it doesn’t live up to its flavor name. The rest of us labeled LifeSip Coconut Pineapple as, “pineapple with a hint of something else and a sweetener aftertaste.”

It received average ratings and should be included in your flavor list if you love pineapple.

27. LifeSip Peach Mango

LifeSip Peach Mango

A very sweet flavor! Peach Mango reminds us a lot of those gummy candy peach rings. If you could dissolve those in water, you would have something very similar to the taste of LifeSip Peach Mango. Some found it a bit too sweet, even when dialing it down, but most of our reviewers gave this one a favorable review.

If you like Peach Rings, you should check this one out on your next order!

26. LifeSip Blueberry Cranberry 

LifeSip Blueberry Cranberry 

A little tart with just a hint of sweetness, LifeSip Blueberry Cranberry works for most of our crew. It may not be our favorite, but it is a unique blend of flavors that you don’t normally find in drinks or water enhancers. One person even put it in their top ten!

It is one of the stevia-sweetened options, and we like it.

25. LifeSip Strawberry Lemonade

LifeSip Strawberry Lemonade

Here is another flavor with stevia, only it is more sweet than tart. One reviewer could still taste the “weird, artificial lemon” in this one, but it received good ratings overall.

As the most successful of the lemonade flavors on this list, give this one a chance if you normally enjoy lemonade and lemonade-flavored things!

24. PureSip Raspberry (Unsweetened)

PureSip Raspberry (Unsweetened)

As an unsweetened flavor with notes of tart raspberry, this Sip is sure to please raspberry fans. It did really well with our PureSip enthusiasts, but fell a bit short with our reviewers that prefer the sweeter flavor options. PureSip Raspberry is perfect for raspberry lovers or those that go for tart flavors.

23. FitSip White Cherry

FitSip White Cherry

White cherry has that familiar, sweet cherry candy taste many people go crazy for, according to most of our reviewers. Descriptions from our crew included “cherry Kool-Aid” and “cherry snow cone.”

The only reason FitSip White Cherry doesn’t come in higher on this list is two people said it tasted medicinal. One of our reviewers is adamant that it tastes like cherry Children’s Benadryl liquid. However, it will likely work out well for you if you are a fan of cherry-flavored drinks and sweets.

22. BrewSip Mocha Iced Coffee

BrewSip Mocha Iced Coffee

The Mocha Iced Coffee BrewSip turns plain water into chocolate-flavored water with a hint of coffee. It’s good but not our favorite. If you seriously love chocolate, you might enjoy sipping on this one!

21. BrewSip Caramel Iced Coffee

BrewSip Caramel Iced Coffee

BrewSip Caramel Iced Coffee received much of the same feedback as its mocha-flavored counterpart. It makes water taste like caramel with coffee notes. True caramel devotees will love sipping on watered-down caramel any time they want.

We preferred other flavors, but Caramel Iced Coffee is nice as a treat.

20. TeaSip Peach Tea

Best Cirkul Flavors TeaSip Peach Tea

This Peach Tea transforms your water into a refreshing iced tea that can be as strong or weak as you want. The only thing keeping this in the middle of the pack is the peach flavor. It doesn’t quite manage to taste like peach tea, and one reviewer says it has an aftertaste. Despite its flaws, it got good marks overall.

19. LifeSip Sweet Tea & Lemon

Best cirkul flavors LifeSip Sweet Tea & Lemon

This is one of the most polarizing Cirkul flavors available. People tend to either love it or hate it.

Fans of Sweet Tea and Lemon rank it highly and claim it is the “best sweet tea flavor that [they] could drink all day!” Its detractors are equally passionate, citing the “weird, almost chemical-like lemon and aftertaste” or the taste that reminds some people of “fresh-cut grass.”

It’s worth getting a Sweet Tea and Lemon Sip to try if you haven’t tried it and usually like southern sweet tea. You might just find your new favorite flavor!

18. FitSip Tropical Blast

best cirkul flavors FitSip Tropical Blast

We all typically enjoy tropical flavors, so we could be a bit biased, but we found Tropical Blast to be a pleasant, tropical option. It is light-to-medium in intensity and feels like a hydrating escape. The only critique for this one is a couple of our group members  think it either “has a slight aftertaste” or “tastes a little salty.”

17. GoSip Grape

Best Cirkul Flavors GoSip Grape

Not everyone is a fan of grape-flavored things, but this is the perfect Sip for those that love Grape Kool-Aid or Grape Gatorade. Plus, it has the caffiene boost of a soda at the medium settings. You can make that sweet grape flavor as strong as you like, which makes this a popular and versatile flavor.

16. BrewSip Crème Brulée Iced Coffee (Seasonal)

brewsip creme brulee iced coffee

It might sound strange, but Crème Brulée water actually works! This is a seasonal flavor for fall and winter that brings that festive caramelized sugar taste to your water bottle. While it isn’t a flavor we could enjoy every day, it is great for when you want something sweeter or festive change of pace. 

We definitely recommend grabbing at least one of these next time they are available!

15. LifeSip Mango Grapefruit 

Best Cirkul flavors LifeSip Mango Grapefruit

This one is a medium-intensity, sweet flavor that is sweetened with stevia. Some people detect hints of grapefruit, while most of us agree that the flavor doesn’t closely resemble either mango or grapefruit. LifeSip Mango Grapefruit is a pleasantly fruity variety though that most of our crew would gladly drink again. One reviewer put it in her top 3.

14. GoSip Green Apple

best cirkul flavors GoSip Green Apple

This is a nice, sweetened apple flavor. Most people described the flavor as “green apple Jolly Ranchers meets water,” which led to good ratings. One person found it too light and said they could barely taste it until they turned it up to 7.

GoSip green apple is a nice choice for fans of apple flavors!

13. PureSip Tangerine (Unsweetened)

Best Cirkul flavors PureSip Tangerine (Unsweetened)

This is the most successful PureSip flavor, according to our Food Rankers team. One PureSip fan placed it at the top of their list. While PureSip Tangerine is unsweetened, the hint of citrusy tangerine flavor makes drinking water more interesting. This is the perfect Sip for people who love lemon water or fruit-infused waters!

12. LifeSip Fruit Punch

Best Cirkul Flavors LifeSip Fruit Punch

Here comes a classic! Even though Fruit Punch might seem a bit boring for some people, it is perfect for people of all ages that like Fruit Punch flavors. One reviewer said it reminded them of sugar-free Hawaiian Punch at a setting above 5.

While there are flavors that we like more, LifeSip Fruit Punch is still a solid choice, especially for kids and nostalgic adults!

11. GoSip Blackberry

Best Cirkul flavors GoSip Blackberry

Sweet and just slightly tart, GoSip Blackberry is surprisingly good! None of us had heard much about this flavor, so we were not sure what to expect. It is definitely underrated. We recommend checking this one out if you are looking for a unique flavor with both sweet and tart berry notes!

10. FitSip Mixed Berry

Best Cirkul flavors FitSip Mixed Berry

Most of our crew loves Mixed Berry with its mild, pleasant berry flavor that is sure to please the majority of people. Who doesn’t like berry?

One reviewer says it is “extremely salty and needs more berry flavor to balance that out.” The rest of us aren’t sure what salty taste they are referring to, but a little more flavor intensity would probably make this one even better. It still makes it onto most people’s list of best Cirkul flavors.

9. GoSip Black Cherry

Best Cirkul Flavors GoSip Black Cherry

Black Cherry is a medium intensity flavor that does have black cherry notes. Drinking it with plain, still water is nice but average. It’s good as part of a flavor rotation.

Where GoSip Black Cherry really shines is its ability to make sparking water taste like a delicious soda. Bonus, it has a comparable amount of caffeine as well. This should be a go-to flavor for anyone looking for a healthy alternative to soda that still brings all the flavor.

Just put sparkling water in your bottle, and you are good to go!

8. BrewSip Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee (Seasonal)

Best Cirkul Flavors BrewSip Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee

This is a seasonal flavor that peppermint and/or chocolate fans will want to revisit throughout the year. The Peppermint Mocha Iced Coffee BrewSip does include coffee notes, but the best part is the strong peppermint kick with an undercurrent of chocolate flavor.

It’s refreshingly cool yet sweet, with a holiday feel. Sadly, Peppermint Mocha is only available around the holiday season, so you will want to grab some whenever you see it in stock!

7. GoSip Orange

Best Cirkul Sips GoSip Orange

This flavor is a true, sweet orange flavor that gives off both orange juice and classic Tang vibes. You will feel energized by the citrus and a small amount of caffeine. Citrus fans will enjoy this one and most likely put it in their top 3, at least.

6. FitSip Orange Tangerine

Best Cirkul Flavors FitSip Orange Tangerine

If the previous orange flavor doesn’t top the list for citrus fans, this one will. It provides a stronger flavor overall with notes of tangerine to give the orange more depth and complexity. Some of our reviewers went crazy over Orange Tangerine, while others say it’s just a little salty. Maybe that’s a trend with the FitSips and certain palates.

If you like orange or tangerine, this one is the highest rated citrus flavor by our review team!

5. LifeSip Berry Pomegranate

Best Cirkul Flavors LifeSip Berry Pomegranate

Berry Pomegranate is our favorite of the stevia-sweetened flavors. It’s a mild-to-moderate flavor with a taste that is mostly berry with notes of sweet pomegranate. It made everyone’s top ten, and there are really no criticisms for this one.

Even though we liked other flavors more, this is a great choice that deserves a spot in the top 5 best Cirkul flavors. You likely won’t regret giving this LifeSip a chance.

4. GoSip Cherry Limeade

Best Cirkul Flavor GoSip Cherry Limeade

This one tastes like a mix between natural cherry limeade and a cherry-lime snow cone. It is pretty intense, but you can obviously dial it down to suit your tastes if it’s too strong. Sweet with the perfect blend of cherry and lime notes, it pairs well with still or sparkling water.

GoSip Cherry Limeade ranks very high on most of our lists, even scoring a top spot on one person’s list!

3. LifeSip Watermelon

Best Cirkul Flavors LifeSip Watermelon

LifeSip Watermelon is a refreshingly familiar flavor that received strong ratings from us. The outlier that didn’t put this in their top 5 said that it had a bit of a sweetener aftertaste and not much watermelon flavor. We all agree that it is one of the more mild-flavored Sips, so you might find yourself turning this one up higher than usual.

The delicious flavor is more than worth it for those that have a soft spot for watermelon! If that describes you, then we recommend ordering some Watermelon Sips on your next order!

2. TeaSip Raspberry Tea

best cirkul flavors TeaSip Raspberry Tea

This landed in the top 3 best Cirkul flavors for all of our reviewers with good reason. It is a delicious tea flavor, reminiscent of the sweet raspberry-flavored iced teas at many restaurants, only without a ton of sugar. Plus, it suits a wide variety of tastes with the flavor dial option. Even our crew member that typically doesn’t care for tea could enjoy this one at a lower setting of 2-3.

If you haven’t tried the Raspberry Tea TeaSip yet, be sure to get one next time. We think you will like it!

1. GoSip Strawberry Watermelon

Best Cirkul Flavors GoSip Strawberry Watermelon

Barely out-ranking Raspberry Tea for the top spot on our list of the best Cirkul flavors is GoSip Strawberry Watermelon! This is a perfect blend of two well-loved, familiar flavors, sweet strawberry and refreshing watermelon. Some people were pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoyed this one. It definitely had us drinking more water and earned a couple of top spots in our taste test.

It is a fairly strong flavor that some may find the need to dial down a little, but it’s pleasantly sweet with a taste that resembles liquid strawberry Jell-o with notes of juicy watermelon to balance it out.

If you haven’t tried the Strawberry Watermelon Sip yet, you are definitely missing out on a favorite!

For those new to Cirkul, here’s that link again in case you want to save $5 on your order!

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