Bai Boost Pineapple Passion Fruit Flavor Review

One of our food rankers stumbled across a new variety of Bai Boost in the drink aisle, Cartago Pineapple Passion Fruit! This Bai Boost Pineapple flavor marks the first pineapple flavor of Bai. Will it live up to its name or just come across as artificial like most pineapple-flavored food and drink items? Please keep reading to find out what our team thinks of it.

Bai Boost Pineapple Passion Fruit Review

Like other Bai Boost drinks, Cartago Pineapple Passion Fruit has added caffeine, antioxidants, and the natural sweetener erythritol. For more information on the ingredients and possible health benefits, please check out our post about other Bai Boost flavors.

The first thing that we noticed was the promising tropical fruit smell. If the flavor is as good as that aroma, we might have a new favorite summer flavor. The first sips proved refreshing and sweet. Everyone on our panel at least liked it. True to its flavor name, it tastes like passion fruit with hints of juicy pineapple.

While some members of our crew are not exactly Bai drink enthusiasts, one of our reviewers loves Bai and Bai Boost drinks because they are a “low-calorie pick-me-up with cool fruity flavors.” If that’s what you are searching for, then Bai Boost Pineapple Passion Fruit is “a must-try!”

Our only critique is flavor is somewhat watered down like some other Bai drinks. It’s a bit reminiscent of sweet fruity water. Most of our reviewers wish they would amp up the flavor intensity.

Summary and Rating

We found the Bai Boost Pineapple Passion Fruit drink to be very fruity and refreshing. The only way this one could be improved is by adding more flavor.

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  • Clean energy
  • Refreshing tropical taste
  • 10 calories
  • Contain antioxidants, polyphenols, and electrolytes
  • As much caffeine as a cup of coffee
  • Plant-based natural ingredients


  • A bit pricy
  • Flavor could be a bit stronger
  • Not for those sensitive to caffeine and certain sweeteners

We recommend that you try Bai Boost if you are looking for an alternative to coffee or energy drinks, as long as you don’t have an issue with stevia, erythritol, or caffeine.

This flavor is available in stores, although we have only been able to find it at Walmart so far.

Rating: 9/10

We would love to read your thoughts on Pineapple Passion Fruit Bai Boost. Please leave us a comment below.

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