Burger King Melt: BK Classic Melt (Review)

Exciting news alert for lovers of Burger King! The Burger King Melts are back on the menu. We are here to share our opinions of the BK Classic Melt, complete with real-life photos, in today’s review.

Burger King Melt Review

The Burger King Melt is made up of two beef patties, melty American cheese, caramelized onions, and Stacker Sauce. All of this is sandwiched between two toasted slices of bread. Here’s what this burger really looks like.

Burger King Classic Melt

All of our food rankers enjoyed the flavor combination of the Classic Melt. Every component plays a part and no flavors get lost or overpowered. It is both very meaty and cheesy with a decent amount of flavor. The grilled onions complement the other ingredients and taste delicious. Creamy Stacker Sauce is a great addition that seems to enhance the other flavors, although it is a tad sweet in a ketchup way.

BK Classic Melt with bite

As you can see from the photos, the Burger King Melt, previously called the Burger King Double Melt, is a bit small in size but filled with a substantial amount of meat. It is surprisingly filling but a tad on the pricy side at around $4.99 before tax.

Even though we enjoyed the flavors of the Burger King Double Melt, our team did find the combination to be a bit rich and heavy. The first few bites were wonderful, yet all the meat, cheese, and creamy Stacker Sauce start to become a lot to handle after that. One reviewer could not even finish it, despite enjoying the overall flavor.

Summary and Rating

Our Food Rankers team all agree that the Burger King Melt has some very nice flavors, yet it is dense and a little too rich. Even though we think that we received a small portion for the price point, we are not sure that we could have eaten more.

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  • Lots of meat and cheese
  • Delicious flavors
  • Filling meal


  • Rich and heavy
  • Small portion
  • A bit pricey

Rating 7.7/10

There are three varieties of Burger King Melts currently available: Classic, Bacon, and Spicy. You can check them out here

We hope that you have enjoyed our review of the Burger King Classic Melt, and find it helpful. If you have tasted this, we would love to know what you think about it. Please leave us a comment below.


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  1. I have eaten at Burger King for I don’t know how many years but if they make the Burger King milk they need to get Texas toast that is what makes your meal thank you so much I enjoy going to Burger


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