Does The New Blue Bell Dr Pepper Float Flavor Taste Like Dr Pepper Ice Cream? (Review)

Blue Bell Dr Pepper Float is the latest flavor available from the folks at Blue Bell, and it is getting a lot of interest on social media. A Dr Pepper ice cream is an interesting concept, especially if it could take shakes and floats to the next level. So, we decided to try it and see if it really lives up to its namesake.

Keep reading to find out if our reviewers believe this tastes like a Dr Pepper ice cream combination.

Blue Bell Dr Pepper Float Ice Cream Review

We at Food Rankers enjoy good ice cream, and Blue Bell ice cream rarely disappoints. Therefore, their new collaboration with Dr Pepper to make a Dr Pepper float flavor seemed like a must-try for our group!

Blue Bell describes it as their iconic vanilla ice cream swirled together with a Dr Pepper sherbet to bring the flavors of a float right to your bowl. We have a picture of the product in our little tasting bowls:

Blue Bell Dr Pepper Ice Cream

It looks almost identical to the images on the packaging and advertisements. We don’t get to say that very often.

The sherbet has a distinct soda taste with a hint of cherry going on. Some reviewers said it also had a slight fizziness to it, while others didn’t detect that quality. It is good and complements the creamy vanilla ice cream. Overall, it is good on its own, but our Dr Pepper drinkers feel that it’s missing a little something.

We have no issues with the vanilla ice cream. Honestly, who would complain about Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream? The main criticism our team members had with the Dr Pepper Float flavor is that the sherbet doesn’t exactly remind us of Dr Pepper. It’s good, sweet, and clearly soda-flavored but not quite Dr Pepper.

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I then wondered how it would taste if you used it in a Dr Pepper float. So, I put a few scoops in a glass and added some cold Dr Pepper. The answer is pretty much like you would expect, a Dr Pepper float with a little extra oomph to the soda flavor. It’s not overwhelming, but there’s clearly a little extra something showing up at the flavor party. I prefer having it as part of a real Dr Pepper, although one reviewer that tried it with me said it was too sweet.

This Dr Pepper ice cream is yummy, even though it kinda missed the mark on true Dr Pepper flavor.

Summary and Rating

This ice cream is delicious and fun to eat with its swirls of soda sherbet. While it does manage to resemble a float, the taste is more generic soda with a bit of cherry rather than actual Dr Pepper. Some people may miss the fizz in a float if that’s their favorite part. Using Blue Bell Dr Pepper Float ice cream to make a float with Dr Pepper was out of this world!


  • Creamy Blue Bell ice cream
  • Nice soda flavored sherbet
  • Looks as swirly as the packaging


  • Not quite Dr Pepper-flavored
  • Some may miss the fizz layer on the top of a traditional float

This swirly Dr Pepper ice cream creation will be available in all 23 states where Blue Bell is available through 2024, according to Blue Bell’s website. It comes in both pint and half-gallon sizes.

Rating 7.6/10

How do you feel about Blue Bell Dr Pepper Float ice cream? Do you agree with our review? Please share your opinion with us in the comments!

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  1. I only drink Dr. Pepper on a daily basis, I love this ice cream, I love how they captured the Dr. Pepper flavor, it’s a great ice cream and I will go buy more, I’m located in Kannapolis North Carolina and bought my ice cream at Food Lion grocery store


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