Dairy Queen Bacon Ranch Hunger Buster (Hungr-Buster) Review

For a limited time at Dairy Queen locations in Texas, you can get a Bacon Ranch Hungr-Buster. It is like your classic DQ favorite with everyone’s favorite ingredients: bacon, Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, and pepper jack cheese.

Sounds good, right?

Well, the Food Rankers crew tried it, and we have all the details and real-life photos for you in this review!

DQ Bacon Ranch Hungr-Buster Review

This burger promises to live up to the “bacon ranch hunger buster” part of its name with a 1/4 lb beef patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, housemade Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, lettuce, onions, and tomato on a toasted bun. The results were a bit messy.

Dairy Queen Bacon Ranch Hunger Buster (Hung'r Buster)

So we wondered, would it taste as good as the description suggests while looking like this?

Dairy Queen Bacon Ranch Hunger Buster (Hung'r Buster) inside

It turns out that the answer is yes! The Bacon Ranch Hungr-Buster has great flavors and textures that work well together. The hint of spice from the pepper jack cheese goes perfectly with the bacon, while the house made ranch dressing ties the whole thing together.

Seriously, the ranch dressing might have been oozing everywhere from our burger, but it was so creamy and flavorful that we almost forgot about the mess. The veggies were nice and crispy, pairing well with all of that creamy dressing.

Aside from the messiness, our only complaint here is that the reviewers who ordered crispy bacon did not get the crispiness they ask for. Otherwise, the tastes and textures were on point with this limited-time burger offering from Dairy Queen in Texas.

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Why is this only available in Texas?

Texans have their own unique relationship with Dairy Queen, and quite a few of our DQ menu items are unique to Texas. For more information of the Texas menu, you can check out the DQ Texas website.

Back to the Bacon Hungr-Buster. If you live close enough to a participating Dairy Queen location, order one while you can. You definitely won’t regret it!

Summary and Rating

This burger really is a bacon ranch hunger buster, and has great flavor! We got it along with the Reese’s Extreme Blizzard and have no regrets.


  • The flavors go well together
  • Creamy, delicious house made ranch
  • Crisp veggies


  • Messy presentation
  • Didn’t get crispy bacon

The flavors on this burger are incredible for fast-food. Our verdict is that this one is definitely worth buying!

Rating: 9.25/10 (Excellent)

Have you tried the new Bacon Ranch Hungr-Buster? Do you want one? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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