DiGiorno Meatless Supreme Pizza Review

In the past, vegetarians and vegans haven’t had many options for frozen pizza. Even today, most of the meatless frozen pizzas come from specialty brands that focus on vegetarian frozen food or vegan cheese.

So, you can imagine our surprise when we came across a Digiorno meatless supreme pizza with Sweet Earth meatless sausage.

A meatless offering from DiGiorno?

Some of us were curious, so we purchased it and are here to share our thoughts with you!

DiGiorno Meatless Supreme Pizza Review

DiGiorno’s Meatless Sausage Supreme Pizza features their hand-tossed style crust, real mozzarella cheese (This is not vegan!), Sweet Earth plant-based sausage crumbles, red and green bell peppers, and onions.

The first thing that impressed our food reviewers is how much this pizza resembled the picture on the box. It really does look delicious straight out of the oven!

digiorno meatless supreme

When we baked this DiGorno Meatless Pizza, we did it for the full amount of time suggested on the box, and the cheese did not melt as much as we would have liked. If this happens to you, try baking it for a couple more minutes for a more satisfying melt.

Overall. this is pretty good for a frozen pizza.

The crust is slightly crispy on the outside and chewy inside. The Sweet Earth plant-based sausage is well-seasoned and tastes very similar to sausage. It tastes like a regular supreme pizza.

Even our skeptics that don’t like the idea of plant-based meat agreed the Sweet Earth sausage worked well here!

For vegetarians, DiGiorno Meatless Supreme Pizza is the first meatless supreme frozen pizza that we have come across that manages to taste like its meaty counterpart, so that’s a great start from DiGiorno.

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The sauce and veggies on this are fairly generic, which kept it from getting an even higher rating, but it is very tasty for a meatless frozen pizza.

Summary and Rating

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the plant-based sausage on this pizza.


  • Sweet Earth plant-based sausage crumbles taste like sausage
  • Tastes like a regular supreme frozen pizza
  • Nice Crust


  • Cheese doesn’t melt much when cooked according to package directions (19 minutes)
  • Somewhat bland tasting sauce and veggies

If you are in the mood for a supreme frozen pizza, this is worth checking out for your next meatless meal 🙂

Rating: 7.3/10 (Very Good)

Have you tried this DiGiorno Meatless Supreme Pizza yet? Let us know in the comments!

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