Blue Bell Tin Roof Ice Cream: Back For A Limited Time! (Review)

The Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream flavor is back! Does it taste as good as before? We have the scoop on this and more in today’s cool, creamy review.

Blue Bell Tin Roof Ice Cream Review

This Tin Roof flavor, much like a classic Tin Roof sundae, features vanilla ice cream, rich chocolate sauce, and dark chocolate peanuts. This one might seem simple, but it looks like a chocolate lover’s dream!

blue bell tin roof ice cream bowl

The balance of vanilla to chocolate is great. You get to enjoy a taste of the vanilla ice cream before it melts into the rich, chocolatey ribbons, creating a completely different experience. This chocolate sauce reminds us of cooled hot fudge. so we all enjoyed it. Our panel also unanimously agreed that the chocolate-covered roasted peanuts add a nice flavor and crunch that we can’t get enough of!

Now does it taste like the Blue Bell Tin Roof of yesteryear? Yes and no. Many of our reviewers believe it at least closely resembles the taste experience from their memories. However, one member of our crew insists that Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream used to have way more dark chocolate peanuts than the current version.

Either way, we would love for them to add more peanuts!

Summary And Review

Blue Bell Tin Roof is a great flavor, especially for chocoholics. The only way they could improve it is by upping the amount of dark chocolate-coated roasted peanuts.


  • Nice flavor
  • Hot fudge-like chocolate sauce
  • Delicious chocolate-covered peanuts


  • Could use more chocolate peanuts
  • Limited time offering
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This flavor is only back for a short time, so be sure to check if it’s available near you!

Rating: 8.5/10

What do you think of Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream? Please share your opinions in the comments below!



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