SuperSonic Double Stack Cheeseburger Review

Our Food Rankers team heard of a new cheeseburger at Sonic, the SuperSonic Double Stack Cheeseburger. This seemed like something that was worth tasting. Keep on reading to see what we think of it.

SuperSonic Double Stack Cheeseburger Review

The SuperSonic Double Stack Cheeseburger begins with two seasoned beef patties. These are then layered with melted cheddar cheese, and cheddar cheese sauce. There is also, crinkle-cut pickle, and grilled onions. All of this is seasoned with mayo and mustard. It comes served on a brioche bun that has been toasted.

SuperSonic Double Stack Cheeseburger

The burger had lots of flavor, and most of the ingredients worked well together. This was certainly one for lovers of meat and cheese, because there is a large amount of both. The pickle added some texture and its flavor was nicely balanced with the sweetness of the onions. The brioche bun also had a nice sweet flavor, and good texture.

This Sonic cheeseburger was very messy to eat, with a combination of cheese, mayo, and grease dripping out of it. Even the member of our crew who tasted it without mayo experienced the same from just cheese and grease. We find the grease to be quite off-putting, and this also made it a very messy burger to eat.

Summary and Rating

The SuperSonic Double Stack Cheeseburger did not go down very well with our team. It had some nice flavors and textures, but the amount of grease and other items dripping from it was not for us, and we would not choose to buy this again.

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  • Good flavors and textures


  • Very greasy
  • Too messy to eat

Rating: 5/10

We hope that you enjoyed reading our review of the SuperSonic Double Stack Cheeseburger. If you have tasted this, please a comment below to tell us about your opinions on it.


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