Crumbl Cookies Flavors April 3, 2023: Carrot Cake Cookie, Candy Eggs Cookie, And More!

Here are the six Crumbl Cookies flavors for the week of April 3, 2023, plus our food rankers’ opinions and commentary. There are a couple of Easter-themed flavors going on this week, like Carrot Cake cookies and Candy Egg cookies!

Flavors of The Week For April 3, 2023

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie

A classic cookie that is frequently on the menu. This is a big soft cookie with plenty of milk chocolate chips, making it a delicious treat when served warm!

We like Milk Chocolate Chip as it is a nice take on a classic cookie flavor. However, Crumbl Cookies often has bold and unique offerings that outshine the simple chocolate chip cookie.


Carrot Cake Cookie

The Carrot Cake cookie features a spiced carrot cake cookie base with a generous helping of cream cheese frosting and pecans on top. Just in time for Easter!

We just had to try this one as a couple of our crew members love carrot cake. The frosting is a perfectly rich cream cheese frosting, but the cookie is lacking in spiced carrot cake flavor. If you eat a morsel of the cookie base by itself, you get a hint of spiced cake. Once it mixes with the cream cheese frosting, the taste of the cookie is almost undetectable. Some of us would order it again just for the frosting though!


Iced Oatmeal Cookie

Iced oatmeal is a cinnamon oatmeal cookie topped with vanilla cream cheese glaze.

I actually ordered two of these for my box, because oatmeal is B’s favorite cookie variety and one of mine. The soft and chewy cinnamon oatmeal cookie base is flavorful enough to cut through the sweetness of the glaze and provide delicious oatmeal cookie taste. Hints of vanilla, cream cheese, and a little extra sweetness come from the glaze to make this one the favorite of the week in my household.

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If you love oatmeal cookies, you need to order this one while you can!


Double Fudge Brownie Cookie

Double Fudge Brownie consists of a brownie cookie base topped with chocolate glaze and garnished with fresh brownie bites.

Our chocoholics and brownie fans went crazy for the Double Fudge Brownie! One member of our team desribed it as ‘brownie heaven with brownie and rich chocolate and more brownie’ and declared it their favorite flavor of Crumbl Cookies.


Lemon Bar Cookie

Lemon Bar has a lemon cookie base covered in a thick layer of lemon bar topping and finished with powdered sugar.

This one was good but messy. The cookie was very soft and crumbled when we picked it up, causing lemon bar topping to ooze everywhere. Flavorwise, it actually tastes like a lemon bar with that rich, tart, gooey topping!


Sugar Candy Eggs Cookie

The Sugar Candy Eggs cookie variety is a thick sugar cookie topped with vanilla frosting and candy eggs for a festive Easter treat.

Crumbl Cookies make a wonderful sugar cookie base that tastes great by itself or with nearly any frosting or glaze. This particular flavor as a whole is rich and sweet with tons of vanilla frosting and a bit of crunch from the candy eggs. Some reviewers find this one a bit too sweet and rich with the thick layer of vanilla frosting, but it’s definitely a fun, festive treat.

This flavor lineup is available from April 3 – April 8, 2023. so be sure to order yours before they hop away!


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