Crumbl Cookies For The Week Of April 24, 2023: Milk Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Cupcake, Mystery Cookie, And More

Food Rankers have once again checked out this week’s delicious line up from Crumbl Cookies. We want to tell you about what is available over the week ahead.

Strawberry Cupcake Cookie

This has a delicious cookie base, flavored with vanilla. The cookie is coated with a frosting of strawberry flavor and cream cheese. It is almost like a mini strawberry cheesecake. Who could refuse this?

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie

Here is a cookie that should be a winner for all chocolate lovers. The cookie is filled with a generous helping of milk, white, and dark chocolate chips. It may just be chocolate heaven, or so one of our team thinks.

Cookies & Cream Milkshake Cookie

We have a cookie here that may bring back loving childhood memories to some. The cookie base is coated in a tower of cream with bits of cookie mixed in to it. This is topped with a tiny cookie.

Classic Pink Sugar Cookie

Here is a cookie that has just got to be tasted. The cookie base is topped with pink frosting, which includes delicious real almonds.

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie

Crumbl Cookies Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie

Our crew love that the Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie is back here again. It is a classic, and we love it. A soft cookie, which has milk chocolate chips spread throughout it. We could eat these all day.

Buttermilk Pancake Cookie

This is a cookie which may sound a little unusual, but yes it really is a cookie, and not a breakfast order. It certainly tastes good though. On top of the base pancake cookie is a layer of glazed buttermilk, and then buttermilk cream is on top. We were a little disappointed that it did not have more of a pancake flavor, but still enjoyed it a lot.

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Mystery Cookie

The Mystery Cookie is always exciting. Our Mystery Cookie was vanilla flavored, with a topping of Golden Oreo’s. It was rich and sweet, and a delight to eat.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about this weeks Crumbl Cookie selection. If you taste any of these yourself, please feel free to send us a comment below.

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