Peach Cobbler Pop Tarts Review

Peach Cobbler Pop Tarts are one of the latest releases in a seemingly endless stream of new and/or limited-time flavors from Pop Tarts. We saw these at Walmart the other day and wondered whether they really taste like peach cobbler. We will answer that question and more today in this review.

Pop Tarts Peach Cobbler Review

These definitely smell strongly of peach flavor and are quite orange. Check out the orange icing!

The filling in Peach Cobbler Pop Tarts is an even brighter orange color with a sweet, intense peach flavor that all of our reviewers enjoyed. While it’s not exactly peach cobbler flavored, the bright, summery peach flavor is a nice change from the standard Pop Tarts flavors.

We tried them both warm and at room temperature to see if the temperature affected the flavor at all. Our crew thoroughly enjoyed them either way, even though the peach flavor mellows a bit when the filling is warm.

This flavor is also good frozen if you prefer to eat your Pop Tarts that way!

Overall, Pop Tarts Peach Cobbler flavor is a win, especially for those that really like peaches or peach flavoring. We just wish it had managed to bring more notes of cobbler to the taste experience.

Summary and Rating: Peach Cobbler Pop Tarts Are Peachy!

Although they don’t really taste like peach cobbler, these Pop Tarts have a peach flavor that most people will like.


  • Strong, sweet peach flavor
  • Taste good right out of the package or heated


  • Not much cobbler flavor
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If you love peaches, Pop Tarts Peach Cobbler flavor are a nice summer treat worth trying!

Rating: 8.75/10

Have you tried Peach Cobbler Pop Tarts yet? Let us know in the comments.

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