Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

Famous Amos recently released some globally-inspired chocolate chip cookie flavors, including the new Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip cookies. When we saw these at the store. we snatched them up. After all. who doesn’t love good quality chocolate?

We are here today to tell you whether we feel that Belgian chocolate improved Famous Amos cookies!

Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

Famous Amos are iconic crisp mini cookies that are a popular snacking item commonly in stores and vending machines. How do you improve on a classic? Add Belgian chocolate, of course!

These Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies do not really look any different than their regular American chocolate chip counterparts. Here’s our real life photo.

Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies Real Pic

First bite reactions were mostly positive. Our team unanimously enjoyed the bits of smooth Belgian chocolate. The creamy, decadent texture makes for a nice contrast to the crispness of the cookie. It definitely feels like an upgrade to the brand’s regular chocolate chip cookies. Some of our reviewers rated these little gems highly and said they hope Famous Amos keeps making them.

The only criticism centered around the base cookie. It seems a couple of our members are not big fans of Famous Amos cookies due to the cookie’s “crisp. dry texture and kind of bland taste”. For those that enjoy softer, fresh baked cookies, the new Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies may miss the mark on texture. They sure taste nice with the Belgian chocolate chips though.

Summary And Rating

The premium chocolate chips really shine in Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies, taking them to the next level. Overall, we agree that they taste good. Some people just miss the soft chewiness of fresh-baked cookies, but that’s not what made Famous Amos famous.

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  • Delicious Belgian chocolate
  • Portable little cookies
  • Perfect for snacking


  • May be a little crunchy and bland for fans of soft cookies

You can find these in stores nationwide. We aren’t sure if Famous Amos plans to keep Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies available or not, so be sure to check them out. The quality of these makes us wonder what the Philippine Coconut and British Salted Caramel varieties are like!

Rating: 7.25/10

What do you think of Famous Amos’s globally-insured cookie collection? Let us know in the comments section!


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