Papa John’s Crispy Parm Pizza (Review)

We are excited by the new Papa John’s Crispy Parm Pizza. It seems that Papa John’s has found a way to add more cheese to a pizza, by adding a parmesan base. Our Food Rankers team was keen to find out more about this. If you want to learn what we think of it, then keep reading.

Papa John’s Crispy Parm Pizza Review

A crispy parm pizza base is made from a blend of parmesan and Romero cheeses added to the bottom of a thin crust as an extra layer of flavor. This crust option is available with any Papa John’s pizza. We opted to try it with pepperoni and onion, along with a side of Papa John’s Chicken Parmesan Papa Bites.

The crust was thin and crispy, and it had a pleasant crunch throughout. One member of our team found this crunch to be its best feature. However, there is much more to the crust than just the texture. The crispy parm layer also adds more flavor with the extra cheesy saltiness.

Another positive aspect to this crust is that the delicious crispness and flavor extends all the way to the edges, as you can see in the following photo!

Papa John's Crispy Parm Pizza

The Crispy Parm crust even continued to taste good when we ate it later as leftovers. It maintained its integrity, without being either soggy or greasy. One of our team remarked that they were really surprised at just how good this was leftover, “maybe even better than fresh”.

There is a slight upcharge of $1 to add this to any pizza on the menu, although they have a special going on now (March 2023) where it is actually cheaper to add the crispy parm pizza crust to any one-topping pizza than it is to order a one-topping pizza with original crust.

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The Papa John’s Crispy Parm Pizza is available at participating locations for a limited time. We ordered ours online for easy pickup and extra rewards!

Summary and Rating

Papa John’s Crispy Parm Pizza has won over the team at Food Rankers. It ticks all of the boxes on flavor and for its thin, crispy texture. The base continues to be a winner when leftover. Our only small criticism is that there is a tiny upcharge for this crust option.


  • Thin and crispy texture
  • Adds extra flavor right up to the edges
  • Continues to be great as leftovers


  • Limited time offering
  • Upcharge to add it to multiple topping or specialty pizzas

Rating 9.2/10

We hope that you found our review helpful. Have you tasted Papa John’s Crispy Parm Pizza yet? If you have and would like to tell us what you think, please leave a comment below.

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