Jack In The Box Cluck Sandwich Review

Our panel at Food Rankers recently tested out the returning Jack In The Box Cluck Sandwich. We were intrigued by the addition of a secret sauce called Good Good sauce. Read on to discover what we think of it in today’s review!

Jack In The Box Cluck Sandwich Review

The Cluck Sandwich is made up of an all-white meat chicken fillet topped with pickles and a serving of Good Good sauce on a soft brioche bun. For fans of spice, there is a Spicy Cluck that comes with spicy breaded chicken or a new Blazin’ version that includes Spicy Good Good sauce. This review focuses on the regular Cluck sandwich.

We think that the Jack In The Box Cluck Sandwich has a generous amount of chicken. This is a filling sandwich that does not skimp on the meat. Our panel agrees the chicken is well-cooked, and at least somewhat crispy.

The Good Good sauce is very complementary to the chicken. It adds a savory, tangy taste sensation with just a touch of sweetness that we really enjoyed. Most of our team considers the Good Good sauce to be a rebrand of Mystery sauce, as the taste notes are very similar. The crinkle-cut pickles add an extra dimension with their sour, salty flavor and crunch.

The only criticism we have for this item comes down to value for the money. At the $4.79 price point, the Cluck sandwich is a bit pricy. We feel that it would be a better value with an additional topping, such as cheese or onion.

Summary and Rating

Overall, our Food Rankers like the Jack In The Box Cluck Sandwich. It could be improved with the addition of more toppings, but it’s still a decent sandwich with tasty Good Good sauce. We would consider ordering either this or one of its spicier varieties again in the future

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  • Generous amount of chicken
  • Flavorful Good Good sauce


  • Could be improved with cheese, onion, or other toppings
  • Slightly expensive

Rating: 8.2/10

We hope you have found our review of the Jack In The Box Cluck Sandwich helpful. We would like to read your thoughts on this, so please leave us a comment below.


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