Gavottes Mini Crepes With The Laughing Cow Cheese Review

We had never heard of Gavottes Mini Crepes until we happened upon The Laughing Cow variety at H-E-B, but a quick internet shows that they have quite the devoted following and an array of delicious-sounding flavors. We are not certain how long Gavottes Mini Crepes with The Laughing Cow cheese have been available, but the packaging says it is new and it is new to us, so we decided to review it anyway.

Gavottes Mini Crepes With The Laughing Cow Cheese Review

Anything filled with cheese is a must-try for us, plus look how mini and cute they are!

Gavottes Mini Crepes With The Laughing Cow Cheese inside

These are surprising crispy and seriously filled with a dehydrated, almost powdery cheese that truly brings the original flavor of The Laughing Cow! Our cheese lovers kept coming back for more with one reviewer saying that the texture of the cheese reminds them of “the cheese in Ritz Bits only with more flavor.”

Before we knew it, we had eaten the whole package, so we will call that a win!

Even those that weren’t huge fans of the dehydrated cheese filling enjoyed the crunch of Gavottes Mini Crepes, so we might just have to try other varieties, if we can find them. So far, it looks like they also come chocolate-covered, chocolate-filled, caramel-filled, and with Boursin cheese. We would like to try them all!

Rating: 6.5/10 (Good)

Have you ever tried Gavottes Mini Crepes? You can tell us what you think of them in the comments below!

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