Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble Review

Do you ever have a craving for cheesecake but don’t feel like making any? Then, you need to read this Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble Review! They have all the deliciousness of cheesecake in a snack size container that’s ready to eat straight from the fridge.

These crumbles come in four varieties: original, strawberry, cherry, and chocolate hazelnut. We found the original and strawberry ones on a recent grocery store trip and decided to review them. If we find the others soon, we will update this post to include them!

Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble Original Cheesecake Review

This crumble concept is cool. The packaging allows you to eat the filling and crumble separately or together. You can mix it any way you like!

Here is what ours looked like with the crumble on top of the creamy cheesecake filling.

Philadelphia cheesecake crumble review original flavor

The cheesecake filling is a nice texture for eating with a spoon, slightly thinner than standard cheesecake filling but thicker than pudding or yogurt. It has that iconic Philadelphia cream cheese flavor and is the perfect size for an indulgent snack. The crumble part tastes like lightly sweetened graham cracker crumbs,

Both parts pair together perfectly to create a “mini upside-down cheesecake,” as one of our rankers describes. These crumbles are delciously decadent and a great product from Philadelphia, almost as good as the cheesecake bars they used to make years ago!

There were no complaints with this variety, except we wish it was just a little thicker and that we could get Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumbles in a bigger size 😉

Rating: 7.5/10 (Very Good)

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Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble Strawberry Cheesecake Review

The strawberry version of Philadelphia Cheesecake crumbles has the same creamy cheesecake filling as the original flavor with a thin layer of strawberry on the bottom. This is what that looks like mixed together.

Philadelphia cheesecake crumble review strawberry flavor

The texture of the filling works better in this variety, and we loved it! It was like our own portion of upside-down strawberry swirl cheesecake. The only thing that we would add is a little more strawberry on the bottom, because the strawberry flavor is easily overwhelmed by sweet, creamy cheesecake.

Our rankers preferred the strawberry variety over the original by a small margin. It also makes us wonder if the cherry flavor will be even better!

Rating: 8/10 (Very Good)

Have you been able to find these in stock at your local grocery stores? Do you agree with our Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumble review? Leave us a comment to let us know 🙂

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  1. could not have been more disappointed. Opened the package to find something that looked more like runny, lipo suctioned fat than cheesecake – disgusting appearance. Flavor resembled cheesecake but could not get beyond the texture. Threw the 2nd package out without opening it.


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