Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip Review

Hidden Valley just released a new dip that is sure to please pizza fans, Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip. It claims to bring the flavors of ranch and pepperoni pizza together in a dip that is good cold or hot.

Does it deliver? 😉

We are here to let you know what we think of this new pizza dip!

Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip: The Review

This dip features the ranch dressing that Hidden Valley is known for mixed with cheese and pepperoni. A great combination!

Although the few customer reviews online rave about how good Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip is, our reviewers that typically don’t like to eat ranch with their pizza were a bit skeptical going into this taste test, and this visual didn’t provide much reassurance.

Appearance aside, Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip manages to smell and taste more like pepperoni pizza when it is warm. Pepperoni and cheese with a hint of ranch dressing is a more accurate description, but it is fairly close.

Opinions on this as a dip were a little mixed.

Overall, we decided it would make a decent party dip served with tortilla chips or Fritos. Some reviewers liked it served this way more than others.

We were about the give this merely an average rating when one of our food rankers suggested that we try spreading a good amount of Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza dip on pieces of bread, topping it with cheese, and baking it, so we did.

These quick and easy French bread pizzas made with Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip were a bigger hit with our crew. Baking these in the oven at 375 F for about 15 minutes led to gooey, melty pizza and a slight change in ratings from some of our reviewers.

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Summary and Rating

As a dip, Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza dip delivered on the pepperoni and ranch flavors, but received just average reviews from our food rankers. It was much more popular and tastier when we used it to make French bread pizzas.

If you like pizza and ranch, this dip is worth trying. It is versatile enough that you can always use it to make pizzas or pizza-flavored things if you aren’t crazy about it as a dip.

It is only available at Sam’s Club in a 1.5 pound tub for about $8.48.

Rating: 7/10 (Good)

Have you tried Hidden Valley Ranch Pepperoni Pizza Dip? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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