New Sonic Mini Sundaes: Snickers And Caramel Sweet Mini Sundae Review

If you like a little something sweet, the new Sonic Mini Sundaes are perfect for you. We recently tried the Snickers and Caramel Sweet Mini Sundae and are here to tell you all about it in this sweet review.

Snickers & Caramel Sonic Mini Sundae Review

Sonic describes this as “a mini sundae topped with Snickers bar pieces and caramel syrup”. That sounds simple yet delicious! They also offer an Oreo Cookie & Chocolate mini sundae for people who like a little ice cream with their chocolate.

So, how small are these mini ice cream treats?

Sonic mini sundae close up

As you can see, this is basically a small scoop of vanilla ice cream with a generous amount of crumbled-up Snickers and caramel syrup on top. This is a very simple dessert that lives up to the mini in its name. Snickers, caramel syrup and ice cream go well together, so we have no complaints with regard to the flavor.

The amount of toppings is very generous but is concentrated on the top. You should mix it up or distribute the toppings yourself to avoid ending up with a few bites of sweet toppings followed by nothing but plain vanilla ice cream. Snickers, caramel, and ice cream go well together, so we have no complaints with regard to the flavor.

In fact, most of our reviewers wish that Sonic would make a larger version of this, as one mini sundae isn’t quite enough. The entire thing is finished in approximately 5-7 bites, give or take a couple. We would gladly pay a bit more for a few extra bites of Sonic Mini Sundae.

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Summary And Rating

Our Sonic Mini Sundaes were definitely tasty. However, they might be a bit too small, even for a mini treat.


  • Good flavor
  • Generous amount of toppings


  • Very tiny

You can still order the Sweet Mini Sundaes at participating locations for a limited time. They are priced at $1.99 near most of our Food Rankers crew, although the price may vary.

Rating: 7.2/10

What do you think of the new Sonic Mini Sundaes? Let us know in the comments!

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