Jack In The Box Popcorn Chicken Review (All Varieties!)

Jack In The Box Popcorn Chicken is back! When we heard this news our Food Rankers team was excited and could not wait to get some. Keep reading to find out how what we thought of the Popcorn Chicken options.

Jack In The Box Popcorn Chicken Review

Jack In The Box Popcorn Chicken is made with juicy pieces of white meat chicken. It is served with Good Good Sauce for dipping. There are currently three varieties available: Classic, Spicy, or a 50/50 mix of both. We got the new 50/50 Popcorn Chicken variety, so we could experience the best of both options.

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We were simultaneously impressed and excited to see decent-sized chunks of chicken. Upon the first bites, we all agreed that Jack In The Box Popcorn chicken is juicy and has a nice crunchy breading. The spicy popcorn chicken pieces helped mix things up by adding a real punch of heat. This was a real hit for our spice fans.

Jack In The Box 50/50 Popcorn chicken makes a nice snack, and we found the mix of classic and spicy chicken pleasing. The only negative comment regarding the chicken is that the spicy variety might pack a bit too much spice for some people. Our spice lovers really enjoyed the heat, but those with more sensitive palettes would prefer to stick with the classic popcorn chicken.

The Good Good Sauce compliments the chicken very well and is a welcome change from the typical sauce options at most food places. You can find out more about the flavor of Good Good sauce in our Cluck Sandwich review.

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Our Food Rankers panel agrees that the Jack In The Box Popcorn Chicken is good but a little pricey. One order of popcorn chicken is a decent snack portion priced at $5.79 near most of our crew. We wish we could get a slightly larger amount of food at that price point.

Summary and Rating

The 50/50 mix of Jack In The Box Popcorn Chicken really worked for us. We liked the ratio of classic and spicy bites and were impressed with both the texture and the flavor of the chicken. It makes a great snack!


  • Crispy coating
  • Good quality white meat chicken chunks
  • Nice spicy kick
  • Delicious dipping sauce


  • Too spicy for some people
  • A little pricey

We recommend giving the popcorn chicken a try next time you are at Jack In The Box. For a couple extra bucks, you can get a combo with fries and a drink.

Rating: 7.8/10

Have you tasted Jack In The Box Popcorn Chicken yet? We want to know which variety you like! Please leave us a comment below.


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