Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies Review

If you are in the mood for a quick and easy baked treat with apples and caramel, check out our review of Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies. 

This is a limited edition, seasonal offering from Pillsbury that features sugar cookie dough flavored with Tart Apple Bits & Sweet Salted Caramel. They also promise warm, fresh baked cookies in minutes. 

So, did Pillsbury deliver the flavors and experience that we expected with this product. We are here to tell you what it is really like.

Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies Review

We had really high hopes for these cookies, because it is not often that you find the delicious combination of apple and caramel in a cookie. The raw cookies smell phenomenal, and you can even see bits of apple and caramel in the dough. The scent intensifies and gets warmer as they bake, turning into something similar to a caramelized apple fragrance.

Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies Review raw

Check out all that caramel and apple goodness!

The Preparation is easy and mess-free. They come ready-to-bake, so it is easy to just place them on a cookie sheet and then bake for 14-18 mins at 350 degrees according to the packet directions. Everything went smoothly for our team members until the end of the baking process. 

We started off putting the Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies in a preheated oven for the mid-range time of 16 minutes. By the end of the cooking time, they weren’t even close to being done after they had sat on the baking sheet for a couple of minutes per package instructions. They were still half raw and very gooey in the center.

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For the next tray, we tried baking for the full 18 minutes. These turned out slightly better, but still not quite right. The edges were done and crispy but the middle fell apart in a gooey mess and would hardly come off the cookie sheet in one piece. We have baked other cookies before, even varieties of Pillsbury dough, in our ovens without having this issue, so we aren’t sure what went wrong here

Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies Review baked

Overall, these Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies were a bit of a letdown for us. The flavor is great, but the dough didn’t bake into anything resembling a cookie texture. One of our reviewers who doesn’t like cookie dough was extremely disappointed and couldn’t even finish hers.

The flavor of these cookies is very sweet and reminiscent of baked apples with a hint of caramel. The Pillsbury Salted Apple Cookies would likely have become a Food Rankers favorite, if the ready-to-bake dough had baked into a proper cookie. The package does say that the dough is safe to eat raw, so we recommend mixing the dough with ice cream or something instead of making cookies


  • Wonderful scent
  • Great flavor


  • Dough would not cook properly for us

If you love apples or caramel, the Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookie Dough might be a nice treat for you if you don’t mind cookie dough or very doughy cookies.

Rating: 4.6/10

Have you tried making Pillsbury Salted Caramel Apple Cookies yet? You can share your thoughts on them in the comments!

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  1. This was my first time trying theses cookies and they were so good! I believe I bought all the ones my grocery store had. Family loved them!


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