Review: New Taco Bell Green Sauce And Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito

There is something a little spicy on the menu. The new Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito promises to bring different flavors with a brand new sauce, salsa verde. Does Taco Bell green sauce deliver in the flavor department? We are here to tell you all about it with our Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito review.

Taco Bell Green Sauce: The Star Of The Show?

The salsa verde had a mild kick of heat. We picked up delicious hints of cilantro and lime in there, too. This flavor combination hit all the right notes for our crew.

Our team agreed that Taco Bell green sauce is definitely a step above standard canned green sauce. It can be argued that this was not quite restaurant quality, but this green sauce is surprisingly good for Taco Bell and fast food.

One of our Food Rankers panel wished that this Taco Bell green sauce was bottled and sold in stores. It would make a tasty addition to a variety of foods and dishes to give it a bit of spice and that fresh green sauce flavor quality.

Taco Bell green sauce is available for a limited time and can be added to any menu item. This makes us wonder what it would be like on a chicken chalupa, or a Crunchwrap Supreme. Taco Bell chose to debut it in a chicken burrito, which initially seemed like a smart decision to us. We were certainly excited to try it in the Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito.

Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito Review

Now, we move to the burrito half of this review. The Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito comes with grilled, white-meat chicken,  the new green sauce, seasoned rice, reduced-fat sour cream, and their grated cheese blend. All of this comes wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

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taco bell salsa verde grilled chicken burrito

The first thing we noticed is that all of our burritos were lacking in the filling department. For most of us, the first two bites consisted of only tortilla. The filling-to-tortilla ratio hit about 50:50 at about the midway point, as you can see if the following photos.

burrito with taco bell green sauce


Taco bell salsa verde grilled chicken burrito inside

For a burrito with this much potential, the lack of substance inside was a disappointment. We did our best to review this item and provide useful descriptions of the ingredients and how they taste, despite receiving a small amount of some components.

The grilled chicken tasted good and seemed to have a delicate marinated flavor. It goes well with the sauce when you have enough of it spread throughout. Some of us had a bit more chicken inside our Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito than others. For example, one person found 5 pieces in theirs, while I had 3 small pieces and a meager amount of rice.

Aside from the grilled chicken, most ingredients seemed to get lost in the mix. The most prominent flavor was the delicious green sauce, which provided a much-needed kick of flavor. Beyond that, we struggled to see or taste much else. One reviewer wonders if their burrito really contained sour cream as they didn’t notice any at all.

The only other ingredient we could detect past chicken, green sauce, and mouthfuls of tortilla is rice. We felt that the rice did not really add or take away anything from the burrito itself, but we still would have appreciated more of it.

The Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito certainly has a lot of potential in its flavor combinations. Unfortunately, it falls flat without more filling. If the amount of filling inside was at least doubled, we wouldn’t be left feeling hunger and disappointment. We hope that other locations are more generous with the filling, so that the green sauce might stick around.

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Summary And Ratings

Our Food Rankers panel all agree that the green sauce is delicious. The Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito was a failure for our crew due to the lack of filling. We hope that other people have a much better experience.


  • Delicious salsa verde, with a good balance of flavors
  • Well-cooked chicken


  • Very little filling in the burrito
  • Some ingredients got a little lost/may not have been included.

The burrito is $2.00, and there is a small up-charge to add Taco Bell green sauce to another menu item. You can order from the Taco Bell website or in the app to easily customize any menu item!

Rating for the green sauce: 8.25/10 

Rating for the Taco Bell Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken Burrito: 3/10

We hope that you found this review helpful. We would love to read your thoughts on the salsa verde and/or the accompanying burrito in the comments section below.


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