Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich Review

There’s a new cheesy sandwich in town, the Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich. Does it give off the chicken parm vibes that its name implies? We have all the answers and plenty of food pictures in today’s food review!

Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich Review

The Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich basically seems like a chicken parm dinner in sandwich form. It consists of a crispy breaded, white meat chicken breast topped with a slice of aged asiago cheese, a round, patty-like chunk of fried mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce. All of this is sandwiched in a toasted garlic knot-style bun. It also comes in either grilled or spicy chicken varieties.

Here’s a photo of my grilled Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich, so you can see what all of that looks like in real life.

Wendy's Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich inside

The bun appears to be well-seasoned and it looks to be a hefty and filling sandwich. Just look at how thick the breaded mozzarella is!

While the first thing we noticed was the scent of the garlic knot bun, the first bite is full of fried cheesy flavor with undertones of herby tomato sauce. When all the flavors of Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich come together in a solid bite, it is truly reminiscent of a good Italian dinner. However, the crunchy fried cheese can be very overpowering at times, so that makes it more suited for cheese lovers.

The reviewers that had the crispy chicken version said it proved to be a little too much of a good thing. The combination of fried cheese and fried chicken came off very heavy and a tad greasy after a few bites. One of them stated thatchy “never thought they would say a sandwich would be better with a bit less cheese and fried stuff and more marinara sauce”.

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Those of us that had the grilled version really enjoyed the sandwich, despite it being intensely cheesy. The fried mozzarella had great stretch and a pleasant crunch. The grilled chicken was well-cooked but slightly overwhelmed by the cheesy flavors of mozzarella and asiago. The marinara complements everything well. No complaints there.

The only criticism that everyone agreed on for the Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich concerned the garlic knot bun. It does smell garlicky and even tastes a bit like a garlic knot when eaten alone. However, the garlic flavor does not come through much when eating the sandwich. This is especially true for the crispy chicken variety, as none of those members detected any garlic knot bun flavor.

We can all agree that this is a filling and tasty sandwich though, when all the ingredients come together in the right way.

Summary And Rating

The Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich is not for light appetites. The regular crispy chicken one is particularly heavy and filling, which may or may not be a good thing for everybody.

It’s definitely worth checking out though if you are a fan of a lot of cheesy goodness and/or chicken parm. So much fried cheese!


  • Very cheesy
  • Crispy
  • Nice herby marinara flavors
  • Very filling


  • Crispy chicken version is very heavy
  • Might be too cheesy for some people
  • Little, in any, garlic bun flavor

This is a limited-time offering, so be sure to check if your local Wendy’s still has it. Unless you enjoy eating a lot of fried food at once and have a large appetite, I recommend the grilled chicken one!

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Rating: 7.2/10

Have you tried the new Wendy’s Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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