Sonic Crave Cheeseburger Review

Sonic Drive-in recently added a new, limited-time burger option to the menu featuring a secret sauce. The Sonic Crave cheeseburger is described as “A 100% pure beef patty layered with melty cheese, SONIC Crave Sauce, ripe tomatoes, fresh pickles, diced onions and chopped lettuce served on a toasted bakery bun.”

So what is this new Crave Sauce, and is it a good secret sauce?

We set out to bring you the answers.

Our Thoughts

The burger looked pretty good, especially for a place like Sonic that focuses more on drinks and other menu items. The first impression was unanimously positive. We were really thinking it might live up to the hype.

The tasting provided mixed reactions.

Half of us felt like it was “just another Sonic burger with a generic mayo-based sauce”, while others said the ingredients tasted “more fresh” than usual. Everyone agreed that the sauce easily got lost in the mix, leaving the onions as the most prominent flavor. It was good, but we were expecting something more.

Now to the Crave Sauce. It fits the typical Thousand Island vibe that can be found almost anywhere these days. If you like the ketchup and mayo qualities of other fast food sauces, Sonic’s new sauce will not disappoint. Those searching for something unique and exciting might want to look elsewhere. Everyone agreed that even the simple addition of “more flavor in the form of black pepper or garlic” could have taken the sauce to the next level.


  • Decent burger
  • Fresh ingredients


  • Generic secret sauce lacks flavor
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Sonic Crave Cheeseburger Rating

The consensus is that this is a decent burger, and is at least worth trying while it is half price (online or via the app through August 1, 2021). It had the potential to live up to the hype if more flavor was included in the new secret sauce.

Overall Rating: 6/10 (Average)

The Crave Cheeseburger is available at Sonic through August 29, 2021. There is also a Crave Double Cheeseburger if you prefer more meat and cheese.

Have you tried the Sonic Crave Cheeseburger yet? Let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Sonic Crave Cheeseburger Review”

  1. Well I broke down & decided to take the bait on all the hype about Sonics new “ Crave Burger” today…. Boy what a disappointment!!! By far was the worse burger I’ve ever had. The only thing that was decent about it was the bun was at least fresh,wish I could say the same about the other ingredients. Their new sauce instead of being the Bomb was a dud…. It was almost tasteless, almost, it had just enough flavor to ruin the whole burger. I mean it didn’t even taste like a burger. The only craving I’ll be doing is to remember not to waist my money on their nasty ass burger again. I’d rate it 1/10….

    • Sorry you had such a bad experience with your burger 🙁
      We feel you about the crave sauce being disappointing and nearly tasteless. We expected more from it too

  2. I went to sonic in Jonesboro, arkansas last week. Ordered their burger and fries. I have to admit, this is the most horrible food I have ever ordered. I could not eat it. I will NEVER ORDER ANYTHING AT SONIC AGAIN. The price was almost $18.00. Rediculous for slop.


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