Space Flavored Coke Is Here! A Starlight Coke Review

Have you ever thought ‘I wish I had a space flavored coke right now’? Starlight Coke recently hit store shelves and is advertised as being classic Coca-Cola with an exciting space-inspired flavor.

None of us have a clue what that actually means, but we are down for a wild adventure. What might we be getting ourselves into? Time to get our space suits on and drink some coke. Check out our review below to see what we think of this cosmic creation.

Starlight Coke Review

The packaging has a stunning and colorful label design that seems to promise a magical adventure in the stars. With great anticipation, we poured our glasses of Coke Starlight

The soda had a slightly reddish hue, which was unexpected. It is also slightly less fizzy than regular Coca-Cola.

Our Food Rankers panel had a broad range of thoughts on the taste. Flavor comparisons ranged from berries and cream soda, Coke with a hint of strawberry, and minty cream soda with cola. One of our team even suggested that it tastes like s’mores with coke and maybe a touch of fruit. We certainly found the flavor to be unique, even if we didn’t have a consensus on what flavor it was, or which galaxy it may have originated from.

One member of our panel describes the Coke as nice and sweet, but with a cooling sensation. While that reviewer quite liked it, another member of our team gave a particularly harsh rating to Coke Starlight. They expressed very strong opinions regarding the marketing idea of naming cola flavors after inanimate objects. The whole concept “is confusing, and it would be a better experience if they would do us all a favor and either name a specific flavor based on taste or brand it as a mystery flavor”

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Perhaps, this team member has a valid point. We were all a bit confused about how something can taste like outer space. Who knows what that tastes like, except maybe an astronaut? That perhaps is a question best left for Mulder and Scully of The X-Files to investigate.

Summary and Review

Does Starlight Coke reach the Final Frontier for us? In a word, no. It has some promise. The space flavored coke certainly has a unique mix of flavors but does not suit the Coca-Cola brand. We also feel it is a bit over-hyped. To quote one member of our panel, ‘Scotty can beam that drink over to the Klingons’.


  • Bright, colorful packaging
  • Unique yet pleasant flavor combination


  • Not as fizzy as regular Coke
  • Not everyone a fan of the flavor
  • Perhaps not the best marketing idea

Rating: 5.6/10


If you would like to try it for yourself, Starlight Coke will be in stores until August 2022. After that, it may be discontinued, so be sure to check the Coca-Cola website for availability.

The opinions expressed in our review of this space flavored Coke may not mirror yours, so feel free to share how you feel about it. We would love to read if you agree or disagree with us in the comments section below!


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