Snickerdoodle Pop Tarts Review

We saw this limited-edition flavor on shelves and quickly grabbed a box. Does it taste anything like its cookie counterpart? Find out in this Snickerdoodle Pop Tarts review.

Snickerdoodle Pop Tarts Review

The Snickerdoodle Pop Tart has a crunchy cinnamon sugar topping, and a filling of vanilla butter and cinnamon flavor.

We had some difficulty toasting this flavor Pop Tart, because the outside remained soft.

When it came to tasting the Snickerdoodle Pop Tart, our panel members had some differing opinions. Some of our Food Rankers team found the sugar on top to be grainy and unpleasant. Most of us thought that the cinnamon flavor filling tasted alright, and was the best thing about it. We did have some difficulty toasting this flavor Pop Tart, because the outside remained soft and wanted to break apart.

One of our panel found this Pop Tart to be very similar to her favorite flavor, Brown Sugar Cinnamon and rated it generously. The main difference between the two varieties is that the Snickerdoodle Pop Tart filling is more liquidy, and has buttery notes. Most of us agreed that the Snickerdoodle filling was oddly gloopy.

To us, this did not really taste like snickerdoodle, unfortunately. We are disappointed that we do not have many positive things we can say about Snickerdoodle Pop Tarts, as we had hoped it would fare much better.

Summary and Rating

We had high expectations for the Snickerdoodle Pop Tart to deliver in flavor and texture, and truely get us excited. Most of our team just feel an overwhelming sense of disappointment. This product did not hit the mark with most of us, except for one person.

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  • Nice cinnamon flavor


  • Difficult to toast
  • Grainy topping
  • Filling has an unpleasant gloopy texture

While Snickerdoodle Pop Tarts proved to be a letdown for most of our crew, you might have a different experience. This flavor is available for around $3.49, although prices may vary by retailer and location.

Rating 4.8/10

Whether you agree or disagree with our Snickerdoodle Pop Tarts review, we would love to hear from you! Please join us in the comment section below.


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