Doritos Collisions Tangy Pickle Cool Ranch Review

We discovered Doritos Collisions Tangy Pickle Cool Ranch flavored chips at Sam’s Club the other day and had to pick some up. They are new and perfect for reviewing as they combine two popular flavors: Doritos Tangy Pickle and Cool Ranch.

Most of the Doritos Collisions flavors are really good, and this one looks like a winner too as it’s been a while since our Tangy Pickle fans have been able to find pickle-flavored Doritos.

Doritos Collisions Tangy Pickle Cool Ranch Review

These smell like Cool Ranch Doritos with a little extra tang. The chips are also well-seasoned, which we took to mean that they are packed with flavor. Here’s a close-up view of some Doritos Collisions Tangy Pickle Cool Ranch Chips on a plate, so you can see for yourself.

Doritos tangy pickle cool ranch chips

Our first impressions of the taste were a little different. Some of us got the Tangy Pickle flavor first with an aftertaste of Cool Ranch, while others experienced the same flavors in the opposite order. Either way, the flavors are present with the zesty cool ranch and tangy pickle coming to party in your mouth.

One reviewer wanted us to note that, “For those who have never had pickle Doritos, this is still one of the best Doritos Collisions flavors because it’s like Cool Ranch with a hint of salt and vinegar flavor. Tangy like a pickle.”

We all agree that these Doritos Collisions Tangy Pickle Cool Ranch chips seem to get even better as you keep eating them. Both flavors come together at the same time to create a unique flavor experience we like. One member of our crew talked about all of the different dips these would go with, while others thought these would go good in a sandwich or as a side to a chicken or tuna salad sandwich.

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Hopefully, they will make this a permenent flavor or at least bring it back regularly. Our Doritos Tangy Pickle fans want to stock up with a few more bags just in case!

Summary And Rating

This mashup of Tangy Pickle Doritos and Cool Ranch really works! The chips have lots of zesty and tangy flavor that would go well with a variety of dips and sandwiches. They are also a great crunchy snack on their own. We hope that they decide to keep this limited edition flavor around.


  • Great flavor
  • Plenty of seasoning
  • Can taste both Cool Ranch and Tangy Pickle


  • Limited time flavor

Doritos Collisions Tangy Pickle Cool Ranch chips are available exclusively at Sam’s Club for a limited time. If you like tangy pickle Doritos or salt and vinegar chips, we strongly recommend grabbing a bag ot two of these before they disappear!

Rating 9.75/10

What do you think of this Doritos pickle and ranch flavor mashup? Please leave us a comment below.





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