Dr Pepper Strawberries And Cream Review

Everyone in our Food Rankers crew is a big fan of Dr Pepper. We could not wait to taste The Dr Pepper Strawberries And Cream flavor. We want to share with you what we think about it. If you want to know more, please keep on reading.

Dr Pepper Strawberries And Cream Review

The Dr Pepper Strawberries And Cream soda contains all of the many loved flavors, which combine to make the delicious original Dr Pepper. This new variety, however, contains an additional layer of flavor. That new flavor in there, of course, is the lovely strawberries and cream

Dr Pepper Strawberries And Cream .

Our crew agrees that on first tasting the soda, you get the initial hit of the much-loved distinct Dr Pepper taste. It comes with a refreshing aftertaste that touches your palette in a soothing way. On swallowing this the dominant flavor became fresh strawberries.  We felt it unusual to taste Dr Pepper, then to be hit by a strong strawberry aftertaste, not necessarily in a bad way. Some of our crew were curious how Dr Pepper managed to separate the flavors like that.  Two members of our panel both commented that on the basis of this, Dr Pepper is better at re-producing flavors than competitors, such as Coca-Cola, which is a bold and debatable statement, yet are very valid opinions.

As popular as this flavor has been with us our crew prefers Dr Pepper Cherry, of the flavored varieties. Also, as the cream got a little lost in there, it may be better if it was called Dr Pepper Strawberry.

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Summary and Rating

Dr Pepper strawberries and Cream was certainly an interesting soda to taste. We did not expect the lingering aftertaste of strawberry in our mouth, that was the biggest surprise. The cream flavor was lacking for us, but some of our crew thought that might have been for the best. Would we choose to buy this soda again? Yes we would.


  • It still has distinct Dr Pepper flavor
  • Strong Strawberry aftertaste


  • Lacking in cream flavor

Rating: 8.3/10

We hope that our rfeview of Dr Pepper Strawberries And Cream was helpful to you. If you have tasted this, and would like to share your thoughts on it, please leave a comment below.

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