Coke Move (Review)

Have you ever wondered what the act of transformation tastes like? Are you confused? So are we. Keep reading to see what we think about Coke Move.

Coke Move Review

Coca-Cola has done it again with Coke Move! After several zany soda names and flavor descriptions of late, such as Coke Starlight and Coke Dreamworld, they have now created a flavor that is ‘transformation flavored’. You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Our Food Rankers team discussed what Coca-Cola Move may taste like, but not one of us could say that we have a specific flavor in our mouths when we are moving around or doing anything that involves some form of transformation. Our panel was very interested to discover which flavor Coca-Cola defined as ‘transformation’.

Coke Move comes in two varieties. There is the regular version available, and also a Zero Sugar option. We opted to taste the regular one, made with sugar.

After tasting Coca-Cola Move, we were still confused about its flavor, because we each experienced different things. Our Food Rankers all tasted and smelled vanilla immediately, but there were a lot of other flavors going on too. One member of the team was reminded of cream soda, perhaps because of the vanilla. Another of our panel could taste a bit of coconut.

As none of us could conclusively decide on the flavor to proclaim it, aside from calling it vanilla coke with a hint of something else. we looked through social media to see what everyone else’s takes on this are. It seems that a lot of people were equally confused, and some of the suggestions on what it tasted like were amusing, like fabric refresher, and floor cleaner. No one at Food Rankers detected either of those flavors, although we do not drink either of those products to know what they taste like.

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Honestly, if it does taste like floor cleaner or other scented household items, it might be easier to add flavoring to a regular vanilla coke. It’s definitely not easy to get a hold of this new flavor as it’s selling out quickly everywhere.

We feel that there should be a disclaimer here, so:

Disclaimer: It is not recommended to drink items such as fabric refresher and floor polish, as these are not fit for human consumption, and can cause serious damage to your health.

Even though we disagree on the flavor of Coke Move, some of our Food Rankers did enjoy the soda. It was unique, and we had fun guessing the flavor combination.

One of our members was not a fan of this product, because it reminded them of Coke Vanilla, which they also dislike. We are unlikely to try Coke Move again. If we want a similar flavor, we could just buy Coke Vanilla and mix it with other ingredients, like cream soda or coconut rum, to get a close resemblance.

It seems to us that Coke might be rebranding an old product with a new name, and possibly giving it a slight change in flavor in order to say it really is different.

Summary and Rating

Our curiosity about what the act of transformation tastes like was not conclusively answered by this taste test. We certainly did not expect it to be vanilla. Coca-Cola has once again just given a product the flavor name of something not tangible and confused nearly everyone.


  • It is fun to guess the flavor
  • Nice vanilla flavor
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  • Tastes too similar to Coke Vanilla
  • Strange to name the flavor transformation and act like it’s new and exciting

Most of our team liked Coke Move, even though we could not agree on its flavor, but we are unlikely to buy it again. If you want to check it out for yourself, Coca-Cola Move is available at most stores for a limited time. You can check online to see if it is still being sold near you.

Rating – 4/10

We hope that you have enjoyed our review and found it helpful. If you have tried Coke Move, we would like to know what flavors you think it is. Please leave us a comment below.

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