Atkins Chipotle BBQ Protein Chips (Review)

Atkins Chipotle BBQ Protein Crisps are a new flavor of keto-friendy crisps.  There are three flavors of Atkins protein chips available, which are: Chipotle BBQ, Nacho Cheese and Ranch. We decided to check out these Chipotle BBQ Protein Chips to see what all the fuss was about. Keep reading to find out if this was a hit with Food Rankers.

Atkins Chipotle BBQ Protein Chips Review

The chips are firstly baked, then seasoned with a BBQ Chipotle flavoring, and added milk and whey proteins are included. These are served in a 32g bag.

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Our first sensation was the strong bbq smell. Visually, the chips appeared to be heavily-coated in seasoning. This seemed promising to us and indicative that they would carry a lot of flavor. As we expected there was a strong, savory bbq flavor, which blended well with the chipotle heat.

Atkins Chipotle BBQ Protein Chips

Our team loves the bbq flavor mixed with a kick of heat from chipotle. This is the kind of savory flavor that we like. One of our panel commented that the heat in there makes a nice change to the regular sweet bbq flavor, that many bbq chips have. Being baked also gives the chips a delicious crunch, similar to Doritos.

One of our team found that the chips left a protein powder aftertaste in their mouth. The rest of us detected some protein flavors but were not put off by them, as we are used to that taste from protein shakes and whatnot.

The Atkins Chipotle BBQ Protein Chips are a winner for those who are conscious of healthy eating. The chips are suitable for a keto diet. Each 32g serving contains 4g of fiber and 13g of protein. One downside is these chips can be a little pricey at $2-3 per bag. The best deal we found was at Sam’s Club. We purchased them there in a variety pack that includes all three available flavors.

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Summary and Rating

So what do we think of Atkins Chipotle BBQ Protein Chips? We are impressed by their strong bbq flavor blended with chipotle heat. The chips also had a good crunch. These may suit people who are currently eating healthily. Some people may detect a protein powder aftertaste. This brand of chips might be a little too expensive for some.


  • Strong savory bbq flavor
  • Good kick of heat
  • Nice crunchy texture
  • Suits healthy eating
  • Suitable for a keto diet


  • Can leave a protein powder aftertaste
  • A little pricey

Rating: 7/10

We hope that you have found this review useful. If you have tried these chips, we would like to know what you think of them. Please leave us a comment below.




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