Pepsi Cream Soda Review

The new Pepsi Cream Soda is described as having a classic smooth cream soda flavor, with fresh vanilla notes and a touch of Agave for complexity.

Our crew wanted to taste it and give you our honest opinion about it. We hope you enjoy our Pepsi Cream Soda review!

Pepsi Cream Soda Review

This soda looks similar to Pepsi, but the vanilla-forward scent of cream soda is definitely present.

Pepsi cream soda review

Now for the tasting part of this Pepsi Cream Soda review! We found that the Pepsi Cream Soda to taste like a creamier, sweeter version of Vanilla Pepsi. The flavor is very reminiscent of a Pepsi float. It is smooth and doesn’t seem to be as fizzy as Pepsi. A couple of our reviewers felt that it was just slightly too sweet, but it is still a great version of cream soda.

Pepsi Cream Soda also has classic packaging to remind us of a time when things were much simpler and you could enjoy sipping a cream soda at your local soda shop.

Summary And Review

Overall, we enjoyed Pepsi Cream Soda but feel it might be too sweet for some tastes and not fizzy enough for others. If you like cream soda, you should check this one out while it is available.



  • Good vanilla flavor.
  • Very creamy taste, similar to a Pepsi float
  • Classic packaging



  • Too sweet for some

Rating: 7.75

We hope you enjoyed reading our Pepsi Cream Soda review. If you taste this retro cream soda and want to tell us what you think, please leave us a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Pepsi Cream Soda Review”

  1. Just recently found it and bought 1 can to try it. The next day I went out and bought 4 12 packs. Its that good. I’m 71 years old and remember the taste from a time gone by. I’m running low NIW and can’t find it anywhere. Come on PepsiCo. Get with it and make more. I’ve been a Pepsi fan for my whole life, don’t fail me now.

    • I love it like one said its hard to find now come on pepsi get with the program here and keep the shelf full for us. So keep make them they are flying off the shelf.


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