Sonic Broccoli Cheddar Tots Review

Sonic is now offering a side of green and a hefty dose of comfort. If you like broccoli cheese casserole, you need to read our Sonic Broccoli Cheddar Tots review!

This limited-time menu item from Sonic consists of pieces of steamed broccoli and melty cheddar cheese that has been battered and fried like tater tots. These tots are inspired by the flavors of broccoli cheese casserole, so we wanted to try them and see if they are worth the hype.

Now, on to our Sonic Broccoli Cheddar Tots review!

Sonic Broccoli Cheddar Tots Review

So, these are basically broccoli cheese nuggets that have been fried like Sonic’s famous Tater Tots. Some of our reviewers went into the review process having ordered them based solely on their menu board presence, and expected it to have potato inside along with cheese and smaller pieces of broccoli.

This visual excited some of us and simultaneously confused those expecting broccoli cheddar tater tots.

Sonic Broccoli Cheddar Tots Review

For the most part, Broccoli Cheddar Tots are a bit more well done than we expected on the outside. Some reviewers also found them a little too greasy. However, Sonic does deliver on the broccoli cheese casserole flavor, so we can’t complain too much.

They really do taste like the comforting casserole that inspired them! Broccoli is a prominent flavor, along with cheese. They prove to be warm and gooey while including notes of toasted seasoned breadcrumb flavor in every bite. From a flavor standpoint, these are perfect.

The main suggestion that most of our team has is to consider calling these ‘Broccoli Cheddar Bites’ to avoid any tater tot confusion, but they are good either way.

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Summary And Review

They aren’t exactly tots, but they are delicious. If you love the combination of broccoli and cheese, you should definitely order these next time you are at Sonic!


  • Good flavor
  • Every bit as comforting as broccoli cheese casserole
  • Full serving of vegetables in a large order of them


  • A bit greasy
  • Product name might confuse some people

Rating: 8/10

Do you like our Sonic Broccoli Cheddar Tots review? Have you tried them yet? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Loved the Broccoli Parmesan Bites ( or whatever they were called).
    Please, Please . . . Make them a regular on your menu. Delicious & “seems” like a healthier choice, too!



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