Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken Meal Review

Stouffer’s is known for their frozen lasagna, along with frozen homestyle meals, like fried fish and fried chicken. Our team couldn’t wait to try their latest addition, Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken. This meal includes fried chicken, ranch sauce, and mashed potatoes.

So, what did our team have to say about it?

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Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken Meal Review

Stouffer’s decribes this meal as, “breaded premium white meat chicken, topped with ranch cream sauce, with chive mashed potatoes”

Chicken and ranch, yummy!

Despite this meal boasting to be a step above other frozen meals, this looked like standard frozen fare coming out of the microwave.

Overcooked edges included.

The first bite of potatoes showed us that Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken really is a fresh take for the freezer aisle. The mashed potatoes had a nice texture and flavor, especially compared to the bland, paste-like potatoes that most frozen TV dinners have.

One reviewer said, “This is the first good frozen meal I’ve ever had.”

The chicken in Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken meal is not quite as successful as the delicious mashed potatoes. The flavor is good, especially with the ranch cream sauce, but the texture reminded most of the Food Rankers of “standard frozen, slightly rubbery chicken.”

It isn’t great chicken, but it’s not bad either.

The ranch sauce does add a lot of flavor and a bit of moisture to the chicken. Because the sauce thickens up a lot in the microwave, there doesn’t seem to be quite enough of it to go with each bite of chicken. That seemed to be the most common criticism of this meal.

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Summary and Rating

Overall, Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken meal brings some nice and interesting flavors to the frozen food aisle. It would be even better with a few minor improvements.


  • Creamy, delicious mashed potatoes
  • Flavorful ranch cream sauce
  • Nice portion size


  • Standard Frozen chicken texture
  • Needs more ranch cream sauce

Rating: 7.5/10 (Very Good)

Most of our reviewers agreed that Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken is a nice frozen meal that they wouldn’t mind eating again in the future. If you want a quick meal of chicken and mashed potatoes, you should pick up one of these at your local grocery store for around $3.69. That’s what it costs at our local stores.

What do you think of Stouffer’s Ranch Fried Chicken? You can share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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