McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Meal Review: Everything You Need To Know About The McDonald’s Grimace Shake

McDonald’s has released a limited edition special meal to celebrate Grimace’s birthday. The meal features a pretty purple shake which goes perfectly with Grimace’s character. We had to try the McDonald’s Grimace Birthday meal, so that we could tell you all about the new Grimace Shake. Keep reading to get our honest opinions!

McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Meal Review

The McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Meal comes with your choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets with a medium order of fries and the new purple milkshake that is taking social media by storm, McDonald’s Grimace Shake. This review will primarily focus on the Grimace birthday shake part of the meal, as the other components are standard menu items that most people are already familiar with.

McDonald's Grimace Shake

The shake is a beautiful, bright shade of purple that is kid-friendly yet also instagram-worthy, but you might be wondering what flavor is the McDonald’s Grimace Shake. According to McDonald’s, it is a berry-flavored vanilla milkshake made with their delicious vanilla soft serve.

So, it should taste like berries and vanilla. That’s much more ordinary than the purple birthday cake or kid-friendly grape flavors that our reviewers guessed when initially viewing the promos. It’s a combination that will please most people, even though it’s not as creative as we expected for a Grimace Birthday Shake flavor.

Our opinions are very mixed on what the shake truly tastes like. We all agree that it has a sweet vanilla flavor along with something else that’s hard to identify. One member described it as “artificial blueberry”, while another said it “clearly tastes like purple food coloring.” Someone else added that purple food coloring would taste somewhat like chemicals, which got a few more people to agree that the taste was vanilla with purple food coloring.

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The closest we got to berry flavor was the one person that chimed in with artificial blueberry. Aside from purple food coloring, the other unusual flavor descriptions were “vanilla with grape candy” and “that weird taste in your mouth after eating too much birthday cake icing”. In short, it is a vanilla milkshake with an additional sweet, probably artificial flavor that some of our team members liked, while others were a little disappointed.

Overall, the meal and the concept are great, but the McDonald’s Grimace Shake just wasn’t as good as we expected. Also, the shake is only available on a limited basis as part of the McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Meal, which is pretty pricy in many locations. The typical price range seems to be $10-$20 per meal at most locations, although we have friends and readers that have reported seeing a menu price even higher than that at their local Mcdonald’s.

Summary And Rating

McDonald’s Grimace Birthday Meal is a fun concept that unfortunately did not live up to all of the social media hype, according to our reviewers. This meal can be very pricy at some locations, surpassing the cost of the food ordered separately with a regular chocolate shake by more than a couple of bucks. Berries and vanilla does not accurately describe the taste of the Grimace Shake either, which has an artificial quality to it that might be the taste of food coloring. It’s sweet and mildly vanilla at best.


  • Fun meal
  • Grimace returns with a special shake
  • Plenty of food
  • Sweet (Purple!!) Shake
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  • Mild-flavored shake tastes kind of chemical-y
  • Shake can’t be ordered separately
  • Meal is expensive and prices vary widely

We love the concept of the McDonald’s Grimace Birthday meal and wanted to celebrate this beloved character, but unfortunately, the majority of us agree the meal just isn’t worth the price that some locations are charging. We also were underwhelmed with the flavor of the new McDonald’s Grimace shake, which is a shame considering how much Grimace fans have wanted him to have his own shake. We finally get a pretty purple Grimace shake, yet it doesn’t taste as great as we thought it would.


You can check online to see if this birthday meal and shake is available at a McDonald’s near you and how much it costs.

Are you excited about this McDonald’s Grimace Birthday meal? Have you tried it yet? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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