Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers (Review)

Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers seem like something new and interesting in the world of gummy candy, which appeals to our team. Food Rankers recently tasted and reviewed Trolli Duo Crawlers, and we now want to experience more of their fun gummy innovations and flavors. If you are eager to learn more about Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers too, we are here today to tell you all about them!

Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers Review

Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers are unique for their bursting quality. These are coated in one flavor with a separate gel flavor on the inside, which is intended to burst as you bite into the candy.

There are 4 varieties of these gummies in each bag:

  • Blue raspberry with a strawberry center (blue)
  • Mango with a fruit punch center (orange)
  • Cherry with a pineapple center (red)
  • Strawberry with a grape center (pink)

Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers (displayed)

We are going to tell you what we think of each flavor individually.

Blue Raspberry With Strawberry Filling

This begins with a sweet, but mildly tart blue raspberry flavor gummy. On biting into this, some of our crew was disappointed at the lack of the expected burst of gel. We had expected to experience a strawberry flavor burst. Only one of our team detected a burst of the strawberry gel, the rest of us did not.

This was still a pleasant gummy to eat, but we would have liked more hints of strawberry in there too, along with the blue raspberry.

Mango with fruit punch filling

All of our panel agreed that this was the sweetest of the sour bursting gummies, which is not really a negative thing. We got a flavor that closely resembled a real mango. It was felt that just having a mango-flavored gummy was exciting because it is not a common candy flavor, so this made a nice change from more common flavors. The taste truly was really good, it began a little sour then got sweeter. Our only disappointment was that we did not experience the gel burst of fruit punch, which may have complimented this further. Just one of our crew felt the gel burst from the fruit punch, and experienced even more tropical flavors. One of our reviewers chose this as their favorite flavor.

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Cherry with pineapple filling

All of our crew did experience the burst of pineapple gel inside the crawler. There was very little cherry flavor, and the whole thing was almost overwhelmed with the flavor of pineapple. Sometimes in candy, a pineapple flavor can be unpleasant, but this was not. It was delicious, and the most sour of the four varieties of gummy, and that set it apart from the other gummy flavors.

For most of us though, it was a little disappointing that we did not get to taste more of the cherry flavor, as the two may have made an interesting flavor combination. Only one of our panel got the cherry flavor too, and they chose this as their favorite flavor.

Strawberry with grape filling

The outer strawberry part really did taste like strawberry, and it was enjoyable to eat. The strawberry flavor had a good balance of sweet and sour. We did not experience a specific burst of gel, or really taste the grape flavor. It is unfortunate that the grape itself became a little lost. This was perhaps the second most sour of the four varieties.

Summary and Rating

The concept of Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers was very good. The idea of having the exterior of one flavor, with a gel of another fruit inside is very creative. In reality, it did not fully pay off, with some of the sour bursting gummies not seeming to release the gel when it was bitten into. Some of the fruity flavors, such as mango, pineapple, and strawberry tasted very much like the actual fruit. All of the fruity flavors had their individual appealing points, and none were unpleasant to eat. It is a little disappointing that some of the flavors got lost.

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  • Very nice fruity flavors
  • Interesting to see a mango flavor for once
  • Unique idea having a gel inside


  • A lot of gels failed to release properly
  • Some flavors got lost

Rating: 7.2/10

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our review of Trolli Sour Bursting Crawlers, and that you found it helpful. If you have tasted these, we would love to read your opinions. Please leave us a comment below.

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