Walkers Max Strong Hot Sauce Blaze (Review) – (UK Edition)

Walkers Max Strong Hot Sauce Blaze is a new UK snack, which is a flavor of crisps (or chips as they are called in the United States). Walkers has a wide range of snack products, many are of a similar standard to the US brand, Lays. Our UK member of Food Rankers is entirely responsible for judging these, and we fully trust their opinion.

Walkers Max Strong Hot Sauce Blaze (Review)

These are crinkle-cut potato crisps (or chips) flavored with a hot, spicy flavor. Ingredients include chilli powder and paprika.

Walkers Max Strong Hot Sauce Blaze

The crisps are well-coated in seasoning, with clear red patches on many of them, showing where the flavor is likely to be stronger. There is certainly a good punch of heat from them, which is an improvement of many other UK varieties similar to this, which claim to be hot.  in addition, you are left with a spicy aftertaste. The crinkle-cut shape seems to help the spicy coating to spread more. They also have a good crunchy texture.

The crisps could have been improved with a little more heat and salt for our crew member, but this is just a matter of opinion, and they may be too hot for some palettes.you

The package our team member bought cost £1.75 for a multi-pack of 6.

Summary and Rating

The Walkers Max Strong Hot Sauce Blaze crisps pack quite a punch. Our British team member would be happy to eat these again.


  • Good coating of seasoning
  • Nice hot flavor, with hot aftertaste
  • Have a good crunchy texture


  • Level of spice may not suit everyone
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Rating: 8.5/10

We hope that you enjoyed our review of Walkers Max Strong Hot Sauce Blaze crisps. If you have tasted these, please let us know what  you think in the comments below.


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