10 Weird Jello Flavors That We Didn’t Know Existed

Who doesn’t love Jello? This delicious, wiggly, and colorful treat is a favorite of kids and adults alike. While most of us are familiar with the classic flavors, did you know that there are many weird Jello flavors out there?
From coffee to vegetable varieties, we found many strange flavors of Jello that will amaze you.

Our Top 10 Weird Jello Flavors

So if you’re feeling adventurous, check out these 10 weird Jello flavors we never knew existed, in no particular order as they are all a bit bizarre. We are simultaneously intrigued and a little grossed out by most of this list, but it’s all in good fun! Who knew there were so many strange flavors of Jello gelatin?

1. Celery Jello

weird jello flavors celery jello

In the 1960s, Jello salads and aspics were still fairly popular, so they decided to make the preparation process even easier by making a line called Jello For Salads. One such flavor was celery Jello. It’s celery-flavored and wiggly with a hint of sweetness. All you needed to do was add vegetables.
I doubt anyone has ever honestly thought that their Jello needed more vegetables, but there we have it!

2. Cola Jello or Soda Flavored Jello

jello mischief cola jello or soda jello

Jello made a line of kid-friendly varieties called Mixchief. You can mix your own soda into the unflavored gelatin for a special treat. This one sounds fun, even if it is a little odd. From cola Jello to root beer, the possibilities are endless here.
We can’t help but wonder what Fanta Grape and Jello would be like!

3. Imitation Apple Jello

Strange Jello Flavors imitation apple jello

There is nothing wrong with apple as a flavor. The strange thing about this one is that they felt the need to specify that it’s imitation apple Jello. At the time, being able to replicate natural flavors with artificial ingredients was a novel concept that I guess some people found interesting.

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We would rather they just leave it at apple. Honestly, we imagine this one was probably pretty good!


4. Coffee Jello

strange flavors of jello coffee jello

Coffee drinkers might wish for a chance to try coffee Jello, only it does not exist anymore. You could mix some coffee with unflavored gelatin to get a similar concoction. However, most of us would prefer our Jello more fruity and our coffee less jiggly. Maybe that’s why coffee Jello did not last very long.

5. Italian Salad Jello

weird flavors of jello italian salad jello

Here’s another Jello For Salads variety that just doesn’t seem like a great idea. Italian Salad Jello promised to bring the tangy flavors of Italian salad dressing to your next Jello salad concoction. We aren’t sure why anyone would need Jello with their Italian salad ingredients, but it is a 1960s fad that the Food Rankers crew agrees should stay in the past.

6. Bubble Gum Jello

While this one is better than the vegetable varieties, we think that bubble gum Jello belongs in this list of weird Jello flavors because it just does not make sense. Why have bright pink Jello that’s supposedly bubble gum flavored when you could just have bubble gum?

7. Mixed Vegetable Jello

mixed vegetable jello

The vegetables with Jello trend continues with Mixed Vegetable Jello. In the context of the 1960s, this one is less bizarre. However, we can’t help questioning why one needs to mix vegetables with Jello, especially if it already tastes like mixed vegetables.
Also, one person on our team is dying to know which flavors constitute mixed vegetable flavor. Carrot Jello might be more understandable than something like broccoli or green peas.

8. Cotton Candy Jello

strange jello flavors cotton candy jello

Much like the bubble gum variety, we feel like mixing cotton candy and Jello is a very strange idea. Jello is colorful and sweet anyway, so does it really matter that it tastes like colored sugar? Cotton candy is a nice, fluffy treat that we get nostalgic over at times.
The novelty wears off when mixed with Jello though. No more fluffy clouds of spun sugar when you throw it into wiggly, jiggly gelatin!

9. Seasoned Tomato Jello

weird jello flavors seasoned tomato jello

We hoped that Jello For Salads would not get any weirder, but then we discovered Seasoned Tomato Jello. Yes, this really was a thing! Not only is it vegetable-flavored, but it’s seasoned with what is probably a mystery blend of savory seasonings.
Why not simply make a nice pot of vegetable soup without gelatin? Maybe have some Jello and fruit as a separate dessert. That seems much more acceptable to our crew.

10. Spaghetti-Os Jello

spagettios jello weird jello

We sincerely hope these Jello cups we found are a joke. Unfortunately, pairing Spaghetti-Os and Jello is real. The numerous vintage recipes and creepy-looking pictures that a simple web search brings up disturbed the majority of our food rankers.

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We will pass on canned spaghetti rings suspended in gelatin, thanks.


Did you enjoy this list of weird Jello flavors, or did you think of one that is not on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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