Eggo Pop-Tart (Review)

Our crew recently checked out the new Eggo Pop-Tarts. We are now ready to share our opinions on them with you. Keep on reading, if you want to find out more about them.

Eggo Pop-Tarts Review

This variety of Pop Tart is inspired by a pancake. The crust is described as buttery and flaky, and has a maple-flavored filling. All of this is coated in yellow icing. This product is intended to combine the best of Eggo and Pop-Tarts.

Our Food Rankers team are big fans of Eggo, and of Pop-Tarts. Most of our crew were expecting big things from this unique combination. On appearance, they look quite appetizing, with the yellow icing lattice pattern. The Eggo Pop-Tart also smell like Eggo, which we thought was a promising sign of things to come. We regret that this is where our positive feedback ends on Eggo Pop-Tarts.

All of our tasters found the Pop-Tarts to be bland, with hardly any flavor. The maple filling in the center was most noticeable because of its absence. Unfortunately, none of us tasted anything that resembled maple in the center. One member of our team, who had lacked the enthusiasm of the rest of us, commented on the pointlessness of the Eggo Pop-Tart, remarking ‘It is weird. Why buy an Eggo Pop-Tart, when you can just buy an Eggo and put that in the toaster?’ In hindsight, the rest of us can only agree with those thoughts. Another of our panel said that ‘it basically tastes like nothing’.

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Summary and Rating

To us, this was almost a tragedy. These are sad things to type, as we had high hopes for this product. There are very few positive things we can say about Eggo Pop-Tarts. Unless we happened to get a bad batch, this is not a product we will be tasting again.


  • Looks appetizing
  • Smells just like Eggo waffles


  • Bland and lacking in flavor
  • No sign of maple filling

Rating: 3.7/10

We hope  that this review has been useful to you. If you have tried Eggo Pop-Tarts, we would like to read what you think of them, and we hope that you had a more positive experience than our team did. Please leave a comment below.

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