KFC Mac And Cheese Bowl (Review)

When our Food Rankers team heard about the new KFC Mac And Cheese Bowls, we wanted to be at the front of the queue for tasting. Who doesn’t love Mac n Cheese?  now we want to spread the word to you, our loyal readers, and tell you what we think about it.

KFC Mac And Cheese Bowl Review

The KFC Mac N Cheese Bowl is served with a topping of the new Chicken Nuggets. This is no doubt intended to provide a balance of flavor and texture. Our panel was divided on the variety of nuggets, so some opted for regular, while the braver members of our crew chose the spicy nuggets. This, as can be seen in the image below, is all served in a bowl.

KFC Mac And Cheese

The Mac N Cheese was good. It had decent flavors and a good texture. There was also a deliciously strong cheesiness to it. The chicken nuggets had a good crispy coating, and the meat was juicy. The coating also contained all the usual KFC flavors we love. The spicy nuggets were coated in a hot reddish sauce, described by our tasters as good, but certainly hot, and will please spice lovers.

The spiciness in the hot chicken nuggets may be too much for some palettes. It certainly was for one person on our panel. She said that the heat slowly built up in to a burning sensation, and that she had to eat ice cream afterward, which the rest of us see as a bonus, any excuse for ice cream sounds good to us. we all thought that the nuggets themselves were a little greasy, which later lay heavy on our stomachs.

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Our KFC Mac And Cheese Bowl was priced at $4.99. This may vary by location, but we consider that price to be very reasonable.

Summary and Rating

Overall, we had a positive experience tasting the new KFC Mac And Cheese Bowl, featuring chicken nuggets. The star was definitely the KFC Mac N Cheese, but the nuggets were okay too. If you choose the spicy ones though, beware, they are called ‘spicy’ for a reason.


  • Good flavor Mac and Cheese, with lots of cheesiness
  • Crispy texture on nuggets
  • Spicy nuggets will suit heat lovers
  • Reasonably priced


  • Nuggets greasy
  • Spicy nuggets might be too hot for some people

Rating: 6.8/10

We hope that you enjoyed reading our review on the KFC Mac And Cheese Bowl. if you have tried this yourself, or have any general thoughts on it, please leave us a comment below.

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