Subway Club Sandwich Review

Our Food Rankers team has reviewed a few delicious subs from the Subway Series menu recently, including The Outlaw. So, we decided to try another one last week. Our food reviewers were split on whether to try the Subway Club sandwich next or The Boss, so half of our crew tasted the Subway Club sandwich while the rest went for the other option. Keep reading if you would like to know what we think of the new and improved Subway Club.

Subway Club Sandwich Review

The Subway Club sandwich is filled with of roast beef, turkey, Black Forest ham, provolone cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on Multigrain bread. Here’s a photo of my Subway Club sandwich sans tomato.

Subway Club Sandwich (inside)

Our panel was pleasantly surprised by the good quality of the roast beef. Subway advertised the return of roast beef to the menu, stating that it is new and improved but we had not tried it yet. Although we did not detect any new flavors in this roast beef recipe, we did notice that it seems to be higher quality than what they used to serve. The beef had very little fat on it, with only a few small veins throughout. We did not run across any tough or chewy bits, which made this sandwich even better than we remember from before.

Our sandwich had a generous amount of filling with a good ratio of meat to vegetables. Provolone cheese also works well with the different types of meat and pulls the whole thing together. The vegetables give the Subway Club Sandwich some freshness and a balance in texture with their crispness. They also helped to cut through the richness of the mayo and the saltiness of the various lunchmeats and cheese.

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One person on our panel got a 6-inch Subway Club with honey mustard instead of mayo and said that it also worked very well with all of the other flavors. Even though this is only a Subway sandwich, it was well made and reulted in a tasty, pretty filling sandwich.

The only negative thing about our Subway Club sandwich was the amount of mayo on it. Within a couple of bites, mayo began oozing out everywhere, making the rest of the sandwich messy and difficult to eat. It also started to overwhelm the flavor of some of the other ingredients. In the future, we will request less mayo on this sandwich.

Summary and Review

The Subway Club Sandwich proved to be quite filling for our food reviewers. We felt that the roast beef was the star of the show and were delighted at the overall improvement in the quality of the meat. It is unfortunate that we received so much mayo that it affected the taste and eating experience. Otherwise, it was a nice Subway sandwich.


  • Good quality beef
  • Nice ratio of meat to vegetables
  • Quite filling


  • Too much mayo
  • Messy to eat

I paid $9.99 for a footlong Subway Club, but the prices may vary by location and/or special offer. You can check your local Subway menu and offerings here.

Rating 8.2/10

We hope that you enjoyed reading our review of the Subway Club Sandwich. If you have tasted this, we would like to read your opinion on it. Please leave us a comment below.

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